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Yofi Photography

Vlad & Rachel Horol
Yofi Photography
Chicago, IL

Kristie and Andrew are so cute together. We had such a fantastic time getting to spend an evening by the beach with them and catching all those tender moments between the two of them that their little one will soon get to see as well. Oh, and they’re incredibly beautiful, there’s that too. Having the opportunity to capture this first-time maternity season in their lives was such an honor for us, and we can’t wait to see their sweet family grow.

Yofi Photography is a Chicago-based husband and wife team totally in love with lifecycle photography – love, maternity, newborn, and family. Yofi means “beauty” in Hebrew. We love photography because we love beauty – and it’s beautiful to capture the essence of people in a special moment. Sometimes we all forget how amazing those around us really are. Our passion is to have it hold still for us, if even for one photo.

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