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Wild June Photography

Jessica McDonold
Wild June Photography
Baltimore, Maryland

This is a maternity session for a very adorable couple named Bobby and Amanda that I have known for awhile. Bobby and I have worked together for years (He is a singer and a DJ) and he did a favor for me in the past so I wanted to repay them capturing a time in there life that is short but very special! This is there first child and they are having a little boy and they of course super excited!

Wild June does weddings and creative portraiture in the Baltimore area. My business aims to capture authentic emotions in a documentary kind of way but then I also am a sucker for a great artistic shot as well. Most of my sessions/weddings are a mix of these two, a little silly and a little artsy fartsy, but I love that I can capture my clients as they are just being themselves and also give them so great art as well! I hope you enjoy.

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