What To Wear For Winter Family Photos (Color Schemes For Timeless Pictures)

Nothing is better than getting the family together and capturing the moment with a special photo.

Whether it is capturing this year’s Christmas card photo or you want to remember the special moment forever, family photos are a great idea.

What To Wear For Winter Family Photos (Color Schemes For Timeless Pictures)

When taking a photo of the family, you want it to be obvious that you guys are together. And the best way to do that is through a color scheme.

There are endless color scheme options that go perfectly with the winter sun and we are here to show you.

Below is a guide on what to wear for winter family photos(see also: What To Wear For Large Family Photos (How To Create A Timeless Family Photo)). Using color schemes we can create timeless pictures that you can cherish for years to come.

1. Black And White

Black and white is a classic color scheme that is easy to coordinate and make unique to your family.

Have everyone select their best clothing in a shade of black or white. Don’t be afraid to have some variety with gray or even a beige thrown in.

Because of the adaptability of black and white, you can utilize this family portrait color scheme all year round.

For instance, in the summer, you could have everyone wear brightly colored clothing and take a black-and-white photo.

The black-and-white background and the colors of your outfit will contrast beautifully as a result.

Another way to get a black and white color scheme is to take the image and place a filter over the top later.

2. Red, Gray, And Mustard

If your family prefers to be outdoors in nature, red, gray, and mustard are great color choices for a photo.

When paired with the colors of nature, the red adds a nice pop while the gray and mustard prevent the photo from becoming too crowded.

This color scheme works best during fall or winter. Especially Christmas photos as the colors are joyful and festive.

3. Copper And Rose

No matter whether family pictures are shot in the fall or the winter, copper rust and veiled roses bring warmth and elegance. The two hues harmonize with the leaves and the sun’s natural colors.

When building your color scheme of copper and rose you want to keep these as the focus. You can bring in other neutral colors such as beige and navy blue for more emphasis on the bright colors.

Incorporating other bold colors can cause the photo to become too busy and ruin your timeless image with your family.

4. Light Gray, Baby Blue, And Soft Yellow

This is a color scheme that is more common in spring or summer months but the icy blue tones work great in the wintertime as well.

Photographed outdoors, this color scheme is soft yet the yellow brings a soft pop of brightness.

Don’t be scared to play with other tones of blue and gray for a custom look.

You can also photograph this color scheme indoors. Just ensure to select a room with plenty of natural light. Without it the colors can seem dark and washed out.

You can also use some artificial light for a little boost if photographing in the evening.

5. Black And Gold

Black and gold is a sophisticated color combination that enhances the formality and value of elegant family pictures (see also: Best Outfit Colors For Family Pictures Outside). The gold exudes elegance, while the black conjures sophistication.

This color scheme works great for any holiday photo (see also: What Colors To Wear For Spring Family Pictures? (Spring Family Photo Color Scheme))when you want to show off everyone’s smiles. The intense black works great for making the gold stand out and adds a festive feel.

Just be sure to balance the colors when on everyone’s outfits. Too much black can add too much darkness and too much gold can reflect off the camera and make it look tacky once printed.

6. Dark Green, Yellow, And Burnt Orange

A great way to build a color scheme is to use the colors found in nature. As the leaves change we see colors of green, yellow, and orange. Perfect for a winter family photo.

The dark green and mustard yellow give the composition an air of rustic sophistication, while the burnt orange and mustard yellow offer a hint of warmth.

The trick is to use the burnt orange as the main color. Add the other sparingly with some neutrals to avoid a busy look. Natural and timeless.

7. Green And Beige

When you have a growing family, keeping things simple is always best. Beige paired with a rich green gives the perfect balance of light and dark without being too harsh.

Throw in a few brown tones for some warmth and you have an organic color scheme.

Green and Beige often photo best in the outdoors where the colors can mix with nature. However, they can also be captured in a naturally light room where the colors complement each other.

8. Navy Blue And Dusty Pink

Navy Blue and Dusty Pink may not be the most natural colors but they do go perfectly with each other.

From winter to summer, the tones play off the warmth of the Earth and add the perfect pop of color to any photo shoot.

The nicest part is that navy and pink don’t have to be worn together specifically in this way. You can use this color scheme to help determine the overall tone of the picture (see also: What’s The Best Color To Wear For School Pictures? (Picture Day Tips)) rather than matching your clothing to it.

For example, use your color scheme for your backdrop and have everyone dressed in white!

Final Thoughts

Finding the right color scheme for your family photo (see also: What Colors To Wear For Family Pictures Outside (Best Colors To Wear For Outdoor Family Photos))can be hard. Everyone has different skin tones, hair colors, and personal preferences. Sometimes it’s best to let everyone wear what they want.

But if you can get them to coordinate just once, it will be worth it. Whether you prefer neutrals or bright pops of color, there are color schemes that will have your entire family glowing.

Check them out above and select your favorite scheme for your timeless family photo. Now it’s just making sure everyone will wear the colors you choose!

Laura McNeill
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