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Victoria Bidez Photography

Victoria Bidez
Victoria Bidez Photography
Atlanta, GA

Kasey was my ONLY redhead of the entire season and she was every bit as fun as you’d imagine a redhead would be. She had the most amazing personality and she is a very gifted young lady, both in music and academics. I started photography in high school as a hobby, but only after having my daughter in 2010 did I start to imagine my own business. I still never imagined it would be photography, but life happened and here I am! I started my studio in 2013 and by 2014 I decided to specialize in high school seniors. I LOVE working with my seniors and have started expanding into teens in general. The spirit and love for life at this age is the most fun to capture.

HMUA – Nikkea Dougherty with Trio Makeup and Hair Design

IMG_3591 IMG_3599 IMG_3609 IMG_3610 IMG_3621 IMG_3624 IMG_3628 IMG_3644 IMG_3661 IMG_3670 IMG_3680 IMG_3703 IMG_3707 IMG_3710 IMG_3720 IMG_3747 IMG_3748

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