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Urban Willow Photography

Lori Vieth
Urban Willow Photography
Bloomington, IL

When this senior brought this beautiful dress to her pre-consultation, I knew I wanted to do a vintage look with her.  She brought such a sweetness to the shoot.  It was such a beautiful day and the gorgeous bouquet of flowers, floral head crown, and vintage suitcase made the perfect accessories to her very simple yet elegant look!  I adore working with seniors and am very blessed to be able to do this full time.  It is a joy to capture each girl’s individual personality through their choices of clothing and accessories.

urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.1 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.2 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.3 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.4 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.5 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.6 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.7 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.8 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.9 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.10 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.11 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.12 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.13 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.14 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.15 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.16 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.17 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.18 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.19 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.20 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.21 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.22 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.23 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.24 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.25 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.26 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.27 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.28 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.29 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.30 urbanwillowphotography.JPEG.31

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