Unforgettable Wedding Poses For The Bride & Groom (Ideas & Tips)

When you are photographing a wedding there is a lot of pressure to get it just right. The bride and groom want to remember their special day and look back fondly on the photographs for the rest of their lives.

Unforgettable Wedding Poses For The Bride & Groom (Ideas & Tips)

There are lots of different elements to wedding photography – group shots, candid shots, venue shots etc. One of the most important parts of wedding photography is the bride and groom photoshoot. 

If you want to make sure that you get some perfect shots of the bride and groom together, you need to plan ahead. This guide includes some important tips for you to remember as well as the best ideas for poses to try with the bride and groom. 

Moments You Should Photograph

There are certain moments between the bride and groom at any wedding that you need to try and capture on camera. These are the pinnacle moments that the bride and groom will want to remember for years to come.

Make sure you receive a schedule of the wedding ahead of time so you can plan where you need to be to capture these shots.  

First Look

The first look photograph captures the moment that the groom first sees the bride on the day of their wedding.

This can be done just before the ceremony begins. Try to get a shot of the bride approaching her husband before he sees her, capturing both of their anticipation.

Timing is everything – you need to capture the groom’s immediate reaction to make these photographs special. 

Some couples prefer to save the reveal for the wedding ceremony.

This means that you will need to keep your camera on the groom when the bride first enters the room, take a few shots, then quickly turn your attention back to the bride to capture her walking down the aisle. 

There is a middle ground which involves photographing the bride and groom together but their eyes closed, or with a screen or a door between them.

This can build excitement and anticipation and is a lovely moment for the bride and groom to look back on when they receive their wedding photographs. 

The Vows

When the couple read out their wedding vows it was a very emotional moment. The promises they make to each other have a deep and significant meaning, and hearing your partner say these words to you is a special moment.

Make sure you take plenty of photos, adjusting your angle to capture the facial expressions of both the bride and the groom. 

If the vows are handwritten, try and get a close up shot of the bride or groom holding the vows in their hand. This is a lovely detail that the couple will really appreciate when they look back at their special day. 

Exchanging  Rings 

The exchanging of the rings is a very important part of the wedding ceremony and makes for some wonderful photographs.

Try some close up shots of the bride and groom’s hands as well as some full length photographs that capture their facial expressions and wedding outfits to give the photograph some more context.

This is also a great moment to get some candid shots of the couple, as this part of the ceremony tends to involve a lot of eye contact and nervous laughter between the bride and groom. 

Signing The Register 

Depending on the type of wedding ceremony being held, the bride and groom may need to sign a wedding register. This is an important moment to capture on camera as this is when the marriage becomes legally binding.

You can also set up some posed shots with the marriage register once the document has been officially signed. 

Leaving The Ceremony 

As the couple leaves the wedding ceremony, this is a time for great celebration. The guests gather to wave them out and confetti is thrown.

This is the perfect chance to get some fun, dynamic shots of the bride and groom with a sense of movement and excitement. Make sure you leave the ceremony before the bride and groom so that you can capture their exit on camera.

It is a good idea to give the guests some advice on how to throw confetti properly – it needs to be thrown high in the air in small amounts rather than large clumps thrown directly at the couple. This way it will look much better in photographs. 

Speak to the bride and groom beforehand about what type of photographs they want as they leave the ceremony. They might want candid walking shots, they might want to pose under the confetti or have a romantic kiss. 


Another prominent moment during the wedding celebrations is the cutting of the cake. Make sure you get a few posed photographs, but also some lovely candid shots.

This is especially fun if the bride and groom follow the tradition of feeding each other the first piece of cake, as this is a great photo opportunity.

Some couples use the cake table as a place to display photographs of deceased family members who are not able to be at the wedding. This is a great chance to include those photographs in the picture, so make sure you check this beforehand. 

First Dance 

The first dance is the classic opportunity to get a romantic, fairytale photograph of the bride and groom.

These are often the photographs that get framed in the newlywed’s home, as they capture so much emotion and have a real sense of occasion.

Unless the bride and groom have had some dancing lessons, it is best to give them some tips before the dance to make sure that it photographs well.

Show them how to position their arms to create intimacy without hiding their faces from the camera. 

The Send Off 

Depending on the style of the wedding, the bride and groom might change into a more casual outfit and leave the party before their guests. This is a great moment to capture, and is the start of the newlyweds’ new life together.

Make sure you find out what time this is going to happen so that you can get into the right position. Try to capture the couple walking away from the venue as well as them getting into the car. 

Tips For Setting Up Your Photograph 

Whether you are capturing a key moment during the wedding, or you are setting up photographs in the bride and groom photoshoot, you need to keep these things in mind. 

Frame The Photograph 

Try to take some shots that have a natural frame, using the settings around you. You can use a doorway, a window, or the bottom of a staircase. If you are outside, look for archways, trees, or anything that could give the photograph some structure. 


Plan ahead and find out what lighting you will be shooting in. This way, you can make the most of the natural light and incorporate it into the photographs. Afternoon and evening sun can make for some stunning photographs


Experiment with different angles until you find the best shot. As a wedding photographer, you should be constantly moving and adjusting around your subjects to capture them at the best possible angles.

This is how you create unique and show-stopping photographs. 


Try to get some photographs of the bride and groom that really create a sense of location. Try out some different settings and see how you can include elements of the venue in the photographs.

This will make the photos even more special, as they will bring back more memories of the event. 

Use The Car 

Don’t forget to use the car in some of the photographs of the bride and groom. It plays an important role in the wedding day and creates a great aesthetic for the pictures.

You can experiment with different shots both inside and outside the car, taken from different angles. 

Include The Bouquet 

Remember to include the bridal bouquet in some of the photographs. Make sure the bride keeps her arms relaxed rather than tight when holding the bouquet.

She can hold it in front of her body or let it drop to her side for a more relaxed pose. Photographs with the bouquet look even better when taken in a natural setting, perhaps on the grounds of the venue. 

Take Candid Shots

During the bride and groom photoshoot, keep taking some photographs in between the set up shots. This gives you a chance to capture some lovely candid moments which sometimes turn out better than the posed photographs.

Perhaps the bride straightens the groom’s tie, or he fixes her hair or untangles the train of her dress. These little moments can make wonderful and romantic photographs. 

Have Fun 

A wedding day is a time of celebration. You need to find the right balance between being assertive to direct the shots and being relaxed to keep the atmosphere light and happy.

This balance comes with experience, but remember to have fun and to take some more goofy, free-spirited photographs as well as the traditional, posed ones.

You want to try and capture the personality of the couple in the photographs. 

The Best Poses To Try With The Bride And Groom 

There are lots of opportunities throughout the wedding to take candid photographs of the bride and groom, but you also have the photoshoot with the new couple to take some posed photographs and make sure that you capture everything.

Here are some poses that you can try to get the best photographs. 

Heads Together 

This is a sweet, romantic pose which works very well with some natural light behind. Get the bride and groom to stand facing each other, closing the distance between their torsos.

They can then gently press their foreheads together. Make sure that they are tilting from the neck so their shoulders remain straight and not rounded.

This tends to work best for couples that are similar in height – if there is a very big height difference then it might not work. 

The Spin 

This is a classic wedding pose that can be done as part of the first dance, or during the bride and groom photoshoot. It works well with any wedding dress, but if the bride has a princess style dress or a ballgown this can create a particularly dramatic effect.

The groom holds the bride by the hand she uses the other hand to hold her skirt, then she spins. Encourage the couple to look at each other to create a moment of intimacy. 

Under The Veil 

If the bride is wearing a veil then this opens up a great opportunity to get some romantic photographs. Get the bride and groom to stand underneath the veil, close together.

Place one side of the veil over your camera or over your head to get a view ‘under the veil’. You can then try out some different poses such as an almost kiss, a forehead kiss, foreheads together, and more.

You need to get the lighting right for this shot, so it isn’t too dark underneath the material. 

From Below 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with some interesting camera angles to get the perfect shot. You can try shooting the couple from below, which works very well for capturing their hands with their wedding rings on show.

You will need to make sure that you use the focus properly to highlight the main part of the photograph. 

Linked Arms 

This pose is great for showing off the wedding outfits. The groom stands facing the camera with his hands in his pockets so you can see the suit. The bride stands next to him, facing the groom with her side profile to the camera.

This gives a great view of her dress. She links her arms through one of his to create intimacy, and they turn their faces towards each other.

If the bride wants to include the bouquet in the photograph, she can hold it to her side with the arm that is closest to the camera, and link the other arm with the groom. 

From The Back 

A lot of wedding photos are taken from the front, but it can make a nice change to take a few shots from the back. This makes it feel like you have captured a secret moment.

These poses are best when the bride and groom have their bodies close together, so if you are directing them into this pose make sure that you close all of the gaps between them.

There are many moments during the wedding day when the bride and groom will take a moment to themselves, so you could try and get a candid shot during this time. 

Close Embrace 

This is a very popular wedding pose that photographs well. The groom stands behind the bride with his arms around her. He can place his arms around her shoulders or her waist.

The bride brings her arms to his and embraces him, and she turns her head over her shoulder to look at him.

This can be a tender moment, or something more fun with smiling and laughing – it depends on the couple and what comes naturally to them.

Showing Off The Rings

This is a fun and goofy pose which is great for couples who don’t want to take themselves too seriously.

You can have a lot of fun with this pose and experiment with different set-ups, but the main direction is that both the bride and groom hold their left hand towards the camera to show off their wedding rings.

They can be facing each other or leaning against each other – whatever you want to try. You need to try and inject some energy into this pose or it can look a little awkward and strained. 

Sweet Embrace   

This post is different from the close embrace as the bride stands behind the groom. She can link her arm through his and perch her head on his shoulder.

The groom can look over his shoulder to smile at her, creating a sweet and charming moment between the couple.

This pose looks great if the groom is doing up his jacket or adjusting his shirt sleeve, as it gives the photo a casual, candid style rather than appearing too forced. 

Dramatic Kiss 

If you are working with a couple that love romantic, dramatic shots then this pose is perfect. You need to pick a good location – a staircase, a dancefloor, or a balcony.

The bride and groom stand facing each other, and the groom pulls the bride in for a kiss. She throws her head back and he supports her back by holding her waist, dropping her down into a classic movie-style kiss.

This works great if the bride has a veil that can dangle from her hair as she leans back, or a long hairstyle with curls. It also looks lovely if the bride loosely holds her bouquet in the hand that is closest to the camera. 

Simple Lift 

This simple lift is easy to do but looks very impressive and romantic in photographs. The bride and groom stand facing each other.

The groom places his hands around the top of the bride’s legs and gently lifts her up, bending back a little to support her weight. It will be easier for him if he stands with his legs slightly apart.

The bride can either throw her arms into the air for a fun pose, perhaps holding her bouquet, or she can create an intimate moment with the groom by placing her hands on his shoulders or face and looking into his eyes. 

Forehead Kiss 

A forehead kiss is a sweet exchange of affection between a couple. It is a lovely moment between a bride and a groom to catch on camera. The bride and groom should face each other and stand close together.

The bride can place her hands on the groom’s chest over his suit lapels. The groom can either place his hand over hers, or place his hand on her waist.

He could also place a gentle hand on her cheek or shoulder as long as this doesn’t block her face from the camera. He can then lean in to gently kiss her forehead.

Both the bride and groom should have their eyes close for this photograph. 

Walking Towards The Camera 

Directing the subjects to walk towards the camera is a great way to introduce movement into photographs. There are different ways to approach this pose.

You could have the bride and groom walking side by side at the same pace, holding hands. You could have the bride in front, leading the groom by the hand and him looking at her affectionately.

Or you could switch it so that the groom is leading the bride by the hand, standing a little ahead of her.

Capturing the bride in movement is often the best way to appreciate the wedding dress, so make sure you get a full length shot. 

Walking Away From The Camera 

As well as directing the subjects to walk towards the camera, you can also capture them walking away from the camera.

This is a great way to create a sense of location, as you can show them walking down a path or through a corridor which includes parts of the venue in the photograph.

These shots work best if the bride and groom are side by side, walking at the same pace. To introduce some interest into the photograph, you could have one or both subjects looking over their shoulder back towards the camera. 

The Couch 

Using a couch is a great way to get some relaxed and casual wedding photographs. It could be a couch in the wedding venue, or you could use a prop couch outside for an interesting backdrop.

You can have both the bride and groom sit on the couch together, or have one of them sit down and one of them stand behind the couch. You could also have one sat on the couch and the other perched on the arm of the couch.

When directing the bride, remind her to position her dress so that it is splayed around her, creating an elegant and whimsical feel to the photograph and showing off the layers and the length of the gown.

You could also place the bouquet next to the bride on the couch. 

Kiss On The Hand 

A kiss on the hand is a very sweet and romantic gesture that fits in well with the purity of marriage. This can make a wonderful photograph, and works well as a full length shot or a close up picture.

Try to make sure that the bride is looking at the groom, as this makes the moment more emotive. This is a great pose to try in a doorway or under an arch to create a fairytale feeling. 

The Look Of Love 

There are lots of different ways to capture the bride and groom looking at each other adoringly.

A full length shot where the bride and groom are facing the camera with their heads turned towards each other makes for a photograph that is visually stunning. It also makes the look they are sharing feel more spontaneous and candid. 

Over The Threshold 

This is the classic pose that is shown in movies when the groom carries his bride over the threshold of their new home together.

A lot of modern couples already live together before they get married, but you can recreate this traditional pose during the bride and groom photoshoot.

Make sure that the groom scoops the bride’s dress up properly so it falls nicely in the photograph. The bride should place one hand around the groom’s shoulder or neck for support.

With the arm that is closest to the camera, she can loosely hold her bouquet to introduce some more color and texture into the photograph. 

Smiling At The Camera

Some photographers are so focused on getting great poses that they forget to capture the basic ones. You should always get a photograph of the bride and groom standing together, smiling at the camera.

The ideal positioning for this is if the bride and groom stand facing each other, close together without a gap between their torsos.

They can then angle their bodies slightly towards the camera, keeping their heads quite close together to create intimacy. 

The Shy Bride 

This is a sweet pose that makes the bride seem shy and demure. The groom leans in to kiss the bride and she turns and offers him her cheek, almost leaning away.

Make sure the bride places her hands affectionately on the groom’s shoulders or neck to create some intimacy between them. This pose works best if it has a playful feel, and both the bride and groom are smiling. 


When photographing the bride and groom you need to capture the pinnacle moments, the candid shots as well as the posed pictures in the photoshoot.

Laura McNeill
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