10 Best Tripods For Wildlife Photography

Tripods For Wildlife Photography

These pieces of kit provide the necessary stability to help you get sharp, focused images of animals in their natural habitats.

But, with so many tripods on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs.

Whether you’re a newbie wildlife photographer or a seasoned pro, investing in a high-quality tripod can make a huge difference in the quality of your images.

With the right type of tripod, you can capture wildlife moments that would have otherwise been impossible.

You can get close-up shots of animals without disturbing their natural behavior, and capture stunning landscapes and panoramas with ease. 

Choosing the best tripod for your wildlife photography can be just as difficult as capturing an animal in its natural habitat.

But, we are here to help you whittle the choice down. In today’s guide, we'll take a quick look at the 10 best tripods for wildlife photography, from lightweight and portable options to heavy-duty models.

All of which can support the weight of a professional camera and lens. 

So, let's dive in and explore the best tripods for wildlife photography on the market today.


Benro Mach3 Tripod


Sirui W-2204 Waterproof Carbon Fiber


The Benro Mach3 tripod is a great choice for wildlife photographers, with its compact and stable design that can support heavy equipment.

Its 9 layers of carbon fiber and stainless steel spiked feet provide excellent build quality and stability. 

This tripod’s legs extend to 63.6 inches and can get as low as 15. Inches so you can get in position for the perfect shot.

While more expensive options are available, this tripod offers great value for its price.


MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Classic 64.2" Aluminum Travel Tripod

The MeFOTO Classic Globetrotter tripod is a lightweight option for photographers who need a portable solution.

It includes a monopod, rapid-release plate, and is compatible with various cameras.

Even though it is compact, it is still compatible with a large DSLR and lens.

With stable leg positioning and the ability to fold back 180 degrees, the MeFOTO GlobeTrotter is a great choice for wildlife photography on the go.


The Sirui W-2204 Waterproof Tripod is a superb solution if you’re a wildlife photographer who often shoots in harsh natural environments.

Its water sealing prevents water and dust from damaging the tripod's tubes, allowing for long-lasting use.

Additionally, with a weight of 3.7 lbs and a load capacity of up to 39.7 lbs, it can hold large zoom lenses without any problem and offers a strong and sturdy support system made of carbon fiber, which eliminates vibrations.


The Manfrotto MT055 CX PRO3 tripod is another popular choice in the field of wildlife photography.

With a maximum payload of 19.8 lbs, it can support most wildlife cameras and lenses, and its weight of 4.4 lbs makes it easy to carry in the field. 

This camera is designed for high stability and stiffness to give you the best chance of getting the perfect wildlife shot.

Its portability and build quality are top-class, and combined with its use of carbon fiber, this is a serious contender for any wildlife photographer.


Fast, lightweight, and easy-to-use, the Benro SystemGo tripod is great for any outdoor photography.

Whether you’re capturing wildlife or stunning landscapes, this tripod will help you get the best photo possible.

Made using robust aluminum and plastic, the Benro SystemGo is stable even in strong winds and comes with spiked feet for difficult terrain.

It can also be quickly transformed into a monopod and is very versatile, making it an affordable and excellent choice for wildlife photography, especially when paired with a Benro B1 ball head.


Rollei are renowned for making excellent quality tripods for affordable prices. And, this 2.2 kg tripod is another perfect Rollei example.

Made from 4-section carbon, the Rock Solid Alpha Mark II can support loads of up to 30 kg. 

This package deal includes a T7S ball head, so you don’t have to shop elsewhere and spend more.

Moreover, when paired with the ball head, this tripod is one of the best for wildlife photography, particularly within this price range.

If needed, you can also opt for a more cumbersome version that supports a maximum weight of 60 kg. 


Although lightweight and portable, the Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263AP is a sturdy piece of kit, capable of holding up to 5 kg of camera gear.

Its MACC (multi-angle center column) allows for endless positioning possibilities.

Meanwhile, the extendable handles and 3-way head provide smooth 360 degree panoramic movement with spirit levels, friction control, and an Arca quick shoe system.

Together, these make for one of the best wildlife tripods on the market!

With aluminum legs and a magnesium shell, the Twist-Lock system makes setup quick and easy, so you don’t miss any fleeting moments.

It also has a folded height of 75.7 cm for easy portability, and can extend up to 175.2 cm. However, it may not be the best choice for heavier cameras and lenses.


If you’re looking for a versatile tripod that allows switching from landscape mode to portrait mode with ease, the UBeesize 67” tripod is one to consider.

With this, you can easily achieve low angle and high angle shots, meaning you can get into position for any type of wildlife picture.

This tripod is compatible with most popular camera and mobile phone sizes and comes with a 360 degree rotating phone holder that extends from 58 mm to 115 mm.

One excellent feature that we love is its wireless remote feature that enables remote shooting from up to 30 feet away.

Altogether, the UBeesize 67” is a convenient choice for capturing wildlife images.


Invest in the Geekoto AT24EVO tripod, and you will be the envy of all wildlife photographers!

This tripod has 4-section column legs with quick-release flip-locks, allowing for quick adjustment of the working height between 23 inches and 77 inches.

This makes it ideal for different shooting scenarios in the great outdoors. The flip locks are made of aluminum and are durable for long-lasting use.

The ball head can be rotated 360 degrees, and with an accurate 360 degree scale, you can position the camera in the best possible way to get perfect animal photography.

Additionally, the tripod can be transformed into a monopod in just a few simple steps using a central axis screw. A versatile tripod for versatile photographers. 


Endurax 66 Tripod

Last but not least, we have the stable and versatile Endurax 66 tripod. This is a fantastic option for wildlife photographers with its compact folded size, quick-release plates, and 5-section legs.

Thanks to its design, the Endurax 66 is easy to set up and use with various cameras. 

This tripod also offers adjustable angles, a phone holder, a 360-degree rotation, and non-slip rubber feet for added convenience and security.

In Summary

Choose the right tripod for your camera, and you will give yourself the best opportunity to capture incredible wildlife images. We hope our selection above has helped you decide which one is best for you going forward.

Laura McNeill
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