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Tim Waters Photography

Tim Waters
Tim Waters Photography
Round Rock, TX

I am a wedding and senior portrait photographer based out of Round Rock, TX (a little north of Austin). I had been wanting to do a fall fashion session for quite awhile and I couldn’t think of two better models than these twin sisters, Candice and Amanda. I took their senior pictures almost a year earlier. So, for the past month we planned this shoot. I sent them a template of different fashion ideas and they absolutely ran with it.  Bright and early the morning before Thanksgiving we did the shoot in three parts. The images you see below are the first part. I could not be happier with how they turned out!

CT7C4583 CT7C4587 CT7C4591 CT7C4600 CT7C4609 CT7C4622 CT7C4631 CT7C4636 CT7C4639 CT7C4643 CT7C4664 CT7C4668 CT7C4680 CT7C4692 CT7C4696 CT7C4703 CT7C4709 CT7C4728 CT7C4748 CT7C4750 CT7C4760 CT7C4765 CT7C4777 CT7C4788 CT7C4790 CT7C4796 CT7C4808 CT7C4810 CT7C4816 CT7C4825

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