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This Little Piggy Photography

Julie Aktabowski-Rogers
This Little Piggy Photography

We live in a suburb, just outside the city of Chicago, away from all those beautiful fields and gorgeous natural settings I admire in so many other photographers’ work.  I don’t know what these pretty trees are, but I loved their twisted trunks and delicate flowers. I knew right away that I wanted to photograph there… it looked just like a little fairytale right there in the middle the suburbs! My daughter loved climbing the trees and hiding under the bushes nearby to help me grab some creative angles to avoid the tennis courts, park and houses nearby.  She was feeling a little shy about her new braces, so the smiles were a bit scarce, but I know she loved every minute of it!

IMG_5291-2-Edit IMG_5313-2-Edit IMG_5380-2-Edit IMG_5390-2-Edit IMG_5453-2-Edit IMG_5490-2-Edit IMG_5502-2-Edit IMG_6609-Edit IMG_6614-Edit IMG_6633-Edit IMG_6638-Edit IMG_6649-Edit IMG_6703-Edit IMG_6713-Edit IMG_6754-Edit IMG_6818-Edit IMG_6829-Edit

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