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This Little Piggy Photography

Julie Aktabowski
This Little Piggy Photography
Chicago, IL

I showed up at this sweet baby girl’s session toting props and a bean bag. One look at the nursery with it’s simple decor, sophisticated textiles, and bright, even light, and I just knew I’d  prefer this as a lifestyle session. The mama of this little one had not found out the gender before birth, but had just felt so sure that it was a boy that she had prepared her nursery in blue! It didn’t matter a bit; it was just perfect as is. My little subject snoozed away, happy to go about her carefree day, while I snapped away.

I am a location photographer based out of Chicago, IL. My love of photography started 24 years ago with a high school film photography elective. While my attention flitted back and forth between shooting and not over the years, I’ve always found my way back to my first love: a small little light box with the ability to do magical things.

ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 1ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 2ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 3ThisLIttlePiggyPhotography 4ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 5ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 6ThisLIttlePiggyPhotography 7ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 8ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 9ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 10ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 11ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 12ThisLIttlePiggyPhotography 13ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 14ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 15ThisLittlePiggyPhotography 16

  1. These are gorgeous! Truly captured those expressions that you only get from a newborn. And I love that he is in his crib. Love these.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful baby – those eyes are incredible!


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