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The McCartneys Photography

The McCartneys Photography
Wasau, WI

The inspiration from this shoot came about in the midst of all of our busiest times of the year. Life as a photographer can be a blur and it is important to take time to focus on the very good that surrounds you. Most times, it’s your friends that give you the support you need! Here in Wisconsin, the friendship among fellow photographers is strong, especially with these three. Kelsy, Jodi, and Marie are all wedding and portrait photographers in Wisconsin (The McCartneys Photography, Beyond Imagination Photography, and Walkowski Photography). They met through their passion for photography and their bond has grown stronger and stronger. For years they have been talking about doing a session of the three of them. Showing that friendship is just as important to preserve on film as anything was the cornerstone for the session and everything else just fell into place!

Kelsy, Marie, Jodi
Floral Crowns: Evolutions in Design // Facebook
Kelsy’s hair: Nicole at Absolute Hair in Wausau, Wisconsin
Jodi & Marie’s hair / Makeup for all three: Euphoria Spalon

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