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The McCartneys Photography

Kelsy and Butch McCartney
The McCartneys Photography
Wausau, WI

We adore this family session! Just a few years ago we photographed this adorable couple’s rustic barn wedding, and when we found out they were going to be home visiting family over the summer, we were thrilled! They reached out and we planned a family session with their little lady, Ruby Mae, who we could NOT wait to meet! Ruby is so sweet and all personality, which she let shine through in front of our cameras! Her toothy smile and pouty little eyes melted us immediately, and seeing Kelsey and Dave as new parents warmed our hearts. We couldn’t help but think to ourselves, “This is exactly the kind of family we hope to have one day.” :)

We’re a husband and wife fine art film wedding and portrait photography team based in Wausau, Wisconsin. We love capturing beautiful moments in love and life, and creating heirlooms for family and loved ones to cherish for lifetimes to come. This family session is a perfect example of the images that we live to create.

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