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The Carrs Photography

Michael Carr
The Carrs Photography
Dayton, Ohio

A boutique style husband and wife wedding photography company, The Carrs Photography is based in southwest Ohio.  Michael is the lead photographer, creating emotive, fun, romantic imagery.  Grace is the brains of the bunch.  She does all the administration and day-to-day tasks that keep things running.  Together, this team provides a one of a kind experience for their clients that combines professionalism and personality into one fancy little package.

I feel like a proud parent, one who thinks their kid is the cutest kid in the world.  I think my clients are the coolest ones out there.  Bayley and Evan are proof of my claim and nobody can deny it.  Their quiet love was evident from the first moment I met them.  The way Bayley grinned innocently at Evan, even when he was not looking.  The way Evan treated Bayley like a delicate flower, even though she persevered through more scrapes and cuts on her feet and legs from trudging through fields and climbing trees.  These two did not need any props, did not need any encouragement, they just needed each other; needed to be together.  I was lucky enough to be capture their love in just these few images and can’t wait to share them with you.

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