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The Business of Lifestyle – Brit Chandler

Brit Chandler is a lifestyle and documentary photographer located in Portland, Oregon. She is also a mentor at Clickin Moms and author of the breakout Finding Lifestyle. Her online workshop, The Business of Lifestyle, is currently open for registration. Be sure to snag your seat, as there are only 20 Full Access seats available, which includes a physical swag bag with over $125 coupon codes inside. See the workshop’s table of contents HERE.

What is this workshop?
All of the goodness of an in-person workshop, but for a fraction of the cost.
An online, downloadable workshop via PDFs & videos for photographers.
A stepping stone for photographers who want to know more about the business aspect of photography.
A workshop that answers questions like, “How do I market lifestyle photography?,” “What products do I sell?,” “How do I direct clients and make them feel comfortable, while still getting authentic and emotional photos?”
A how-to guide with tips on creating a sustainable and profitable business.


What will you learn?
A walk-through of a lifestyle photo session, from inquiry to product delivery.
You will see the client’s questionnaire & schedule, a video of me shooting the session, a culling video, a batch editing workflow video, and a short blogging video (the session above).
Business tips and advice for starting and maintaining a photography business.
Marketing advice for standing out in your area.
Tips for taking storytelling and lifestyle photos that evoke emotion.
A guide to directing clients and working in a lifestyle setting.
Editing tips and workflow management.

Click HERE to get all of the details, see the full table of contents, and to reserve your seat!

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