The Best Time To Schedule A Newborn Photo Session

Having a newborn baby is one of the most magical experiences in life. It’s important to capture those special moments and memories, and scheduling a newborn photo session is the perfect way to do that!

The Best Time To Schedule A Newborn Photo Session

Newborn photo sessions can be tricky to time, however, as a baby’s needs and sleeping patterns are unpredictable.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best time to schedule a newborn photo session so that you can get the most out of your experience.

When Is The Ideal Time To Schedule A Photo Session For A Newborn?

Taking newborn photographs is a wonderful way to capture those special first days of life. Although babies change rapidly in such a small-time, the posed style of newborn photography requires them to be sleepy and comfortable.

This is why the ideal window for booking your shoot is when your baby is aged between 5 and 14 days old.

The ideal time to schedule a newborn photo session is within the first two weeks of the baby’s life. This is because babies are still very sleepy and flexible during this period, making it easier to capture those perfect poses.

Plus, they are more likely to stay asleep while being positioned and moved around. After two weeks, babies become more alert and can be harder to keep still.

Why Is This A Good Time To Schedule A Newborn Photo Session?

During this time, babies tend to be very sleepy and can stay in the fetal position comfortably, making it easier to capture sweet poses without needing to move them around too much.

Additionally, they do not resist swaddling, which helps photographers get newborns settled into their poses easily.

It’s also much easier for parents to keep up with all the feedings and changes during this early period when their baby sleeps for extended periods of time.

Overall, this makes five to fourteen days after birth one of the best times for a newborn photo shoot.

What Should You Do If It’s Too Late To Book?

Many parents start looking to book a newborn photography session at the same time their baby is born, but often life throws a curveball and that’s when you realize it might be too late.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry, many newborn photographers may have availability even if your little one has made his or her appearance already.

Your photographer may be able to rearrange other shoots to accommodate you if your baby has arrived earlier or later than planned.

Even if your baby is past the ‘two-week window’ often used as the perfect age for his/her photographs, there are still options available. Many photographers offer ‘Older Newborn Sessions’ specifically designed for babies who are up to 8 weeks old.

So don’t give up hope – get in touch with your photographer and see what can be arranged for those special memories of your brand-new bundle of joy.

Where Are The Newborn Photo Sessions Held?

Newborn sessions can be held in a variety of places to capture the special moments and memories of a newborn’s life. An ideal spot for a newborn session is a well-lit and stocked studio with necessary backdrops and props.

Studio’s take pride in tidying it up before each shoot to make sure everything looks perfect! Additionally, they offer both in-home and outdoor lifestyle sessions, which are hugely popular due to their unique quality and higher intimacy level that the home setting allows.

Every family is different, so when booking a newborn session, clients choose the best environment suited for them.

This is determined by discussing beforehand what kind of portrait they’d like: be it traditional or documentary style; casual or formal; indoors or outdoors – all of which affect the final outcome of their photoshoot.

With everyone’s expectations met, and all details discussed ahead of time, creating beautiful portraits that capture these intimate moments will prove easy.

Tips For Preparing For Your Newborn Photo Session

Tips For Preparing For Your Newborn Photo Session

When you have decided on the ideal time to schedule your newborn photo session, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

First, it’s important to make sure your baby is well-rested before the shoot. Try to keep them awake for an hour or two prior so that they are nice and sleepy for the photos.

Second, make sure you bring plenty of extra clothing, diapers, and wipes to the session in case of any accidents or messes.

Finally, ensure that your baby is dressed comfortably and warmly for the shoot, as this will help them feel relaxed during it. With all these tips followed your newborn photography session will be a success.

What Should You Do To Prepare For The Photo Session?


The pre-session consultation is often the most important part of a newborn photography experience.

During this time it’s good to have an open dialogue with clients, answering all their questions, and putting them at ease before the shoot begins.

The mindset a parent has during the photoshoot is just as important as any other aspect. Therefore, any possible concerns should be addressed during the consultation.

If a client goes into the session feeling worried or apprehensive, this could affect how comfortable they and their baby will be throughout the process.

Studio Protocols And Safety

When it comes to safety, nothing is more important in a studio environment than the health and well-being of clients and their babies.

All sessions should be conducted with this in mind, and studios should follow the highest standards of cleanliness and safety protocols. To start, most always wear a face mask when handling babies during sessions.

Additionally, anyone attending or entering the studio must screen themselves and their families for any potential health risks prior to the session taking place.

If anyone is feeling unwell or showing signs of illness, the session should be rescheduled for another time.

Newborn Clothing And Props

When planning a newborn photography session, it is essential to consider the props and clothing available.

To provide the best experience, a range of modern and baby-focused props, clothing, wraps, and accessories should be offered to ensure that your photos center around the little one!

However, if there are certain items or heirlooms you would like to use in the photos such as a special piece of clothing or a treasured family momento please feel free to bring them along during your pre-session consultation.

Additionally, all the items within most studios are available for use during your session.

What Is The Best Way To Store Your Newborn Photos?

Memory Box

The Memory Box is the perfect way to store and cherish the special moment of welcoming a new baby into your life.

This unique item includes a specially-crafted box that allows you to store precious keepsakes from your baby’s birth, such as the hospital bracelet or their very first hat. Along with these items, you can also insert beautifully printed artwork to remember this incredible day for years to come.

Thinking about those special memories evokes an ever-lasting joy inside our hearts – that, too, of why having a proper storage system for these memories is of utmost importance.

Photo Album

Photo albums are the ideal “grow with me” piece, as it allows you to create a library of album prints based on your family’s growing memories.

This unique box is made from a textured magnetic material, so you can easily rearrange and store matted albums in a neat and secure way. It provides the perfect solution for storing different sizes and styles of prints in the same place, with no worry about them being damaged or lost.

The box also has protective edges which help ensure that each photo album remains secure over time. With its modern, elegant design, this heirloom piece will become part of your family’s story for years to come.

Signature Frames

A signature frame gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your favorite pieces of art, photos, or mementos in a single spot.

With the ability to hold up to three similar size prints, this frame is ideal for homes with changing interiors. Perhaps your family grows, and you’d like to display an updated portrait over the mantel?

A signature frame comes in handy, as it can easily be switched out seasonally with prints of different sizes and styles.

The signature frame is also great for those who want change but don’t have the budget or extra wall space for new frames.

Final Thoughts

When considering the best time to schedule a newborn photography session, it’s important to think about timing.

Ideally, you should plan your session when the baby is between 5 – 14 days old, as this is the most ideal time for capturing those precious and timeless photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Cost For A Photo Session?

When it comes to newborn photography, the average investment is anywhere from $450 – 3000. This cost can vary significantly depending on the needs of each family.

Most parents usually opt for an album and digital images included in their package, which typically costs around $1500. Understanding your needs and budget are important factors when considering a newborn photographer.

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