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Tara Leinen Photography

Tara Leinen
Tara Leinen Photography
Tucson, AZ

Hi! My name is Tara and I am a photographer based out of sunny Tucson, Arizona. I have been in Tucson for several years now and absolutely love it here. This session features a family so dear to me. They travel a lot for work and it was so important for them to capture family memories with photographs, since they are not in a certain area for long. The lighting was beautiful that evening and the subjects couldn’t be any more gorgeous. Laughter and fun was a big factor during this session. When I am not photographing families, I am chasing my very active three- & four-year-old children around the house.

Russo--3 Russo--5 Russo--7 Russo--8 Russo--9 Russo--11 Russo--12 Russo--13 Russo--14 Russo--15 Russo--16 Russo--17 Russo--18 Russo--19 Russo--20 Russo--21 Russo--22 Russo--23 Russo--24 Russo-3291 Russo-3754 Russo-3764 Russo-3774

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