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Tanli Joy Photography

Tanli Lundgren
Tanli Joy Photography
Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK
I am on location natural light family and wedding photographer situated in the beautiful Roman market town of Cirencester, gateway to the Cotswolds. My shoots are really relaxed and easy and I truly pride myself on capturing ‘connections’ and producing emotionally rich imagery. I use the Playful Heart method to shoot which makes it really effortless to evoke natural expressions and real connections with my clients.
About the session: Wow, this was a little Winter whirlwind! Mum contacted me 5 days before Christmas asking if I could squeeze in a shoot of her two boys and get her prints in time for Christmas gifts! Luckily I had an opening that weekend and we woke up to gorgeous Winter sunshine. We shot early so that I managed to get that gorgeous low back light that you can see in the photos. The little boys were just a dream and Mum had dressed them so well for the shoot. Using the ‘Playful Heart’ method allowed me to capture great expressions and the strong connection that these two siblings have. Playful Heart also makes shoots really fun and allows you to focus on finding great light and ‘capturing that connection’. These little boys throroughly enjoyed their shoot and we managed to get prints done in time for Christmas.

TJP_0919 TJP_0930 TJP_1008 TJP_1039 TJP_1080 TJP_1095 TJP_1099 TJP_1105 TJP_1109 TJP_1119 TJP_1133 TJP_1137 TJP_1181 TJP_1182 TJP_1188 TJP_1191 TJP_1212 TJP_1234 TJP_1243 TJP_1256 TJP_1292 TJP_1326

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