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Tall Grass Photography by Chantal

Chantal Richard-Mercier
Tall Grass Photography by Chantal
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

{I love growing you – you perfect little soul}

This is my baby and I at 28.5 weeks. A late winter baby means a self-portrait maternity session, in my backyard, during a blizzard…while my oldest naps.

I am a stay at home mama of soon to be two little ones. I am also a natural light and lifestyle photographer. I have been a photographer for about two years now. Both photography and motherhood have been empowering journeys of transformation for me. I dig deeper, I feel deeper, I love deeper. My biggest love is my family. They are my absolute favourite to shoot. I am rarely in my photographs, but I felt the need to get in front of the camera more while I was pregnant, as I wanted to document this special time for our family and for myself. My lovely family is growing, my artistic self is blooming, and through both I seek simplicity, goodness, mindfulness, and connection.

Blizzard Bump_001 Blizzard Bump_002 Blizzard Bump_003 Blizzard Bump_004 Blizzard Bump_005 Blizzard Bump_006 Blizzard Bump_007 Blizzard Bump_008 Blizzard Bump_009 Blizzard Bump_010 Blizzard Bump_011 Blizzard Bump_012 Blizzard Bump_013 Blizzard Bump_014 Blizzard Bump_015

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