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Talia Photography

Talia Jensen
Talia Photography
Ogden, UT

I’m Talia, a photographer passionate about people in love. I currently reside with my husband and puppy in Ogden, Utah. My photography style is about telling a story through raw emotions and lighting. If we are talking technical, I’m a big fan of negative space, bokeh, and instant film. For this shoot I wanted to challenge myself and step outside of my safe zone of shooting portraits in a landscape setting and try an urban feel. I wanted to play a little bit with shadows too so I chose this Salt Lake City parking garage for the location. To keep it sleek and simple we stuck with dark neutral tones for the wardrobe. Hope you enjoy. :)

Model: Kaitlyn,

SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-5 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-6 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-8 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-9 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-10 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-11 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-16 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-18 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-36 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-37 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-39 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-41 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-42 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-43 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-44 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-46 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-47 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-48 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-51 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-54 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-64 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-65 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-67 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-68 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-78 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-79 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-81 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-83 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-84 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-85 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-86 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-87 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-95 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-100 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-101 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-105 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-106 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-108 SLC_Winter_Portraits_00-109

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