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Sweet Meadow Session

Natalie Yates
Natalie Yates Photography
Dallas, TX

I love shooting outdoors, but no one wants to wake a baby for sunrise photos or push bedtime for sunset, and no one wants to haul their little ones and all of the snacks and gear on a 10 minute trek from the car. I spent several months scouting locations with my own babies for a location with soft light all day and easy access from the car. I had been to Flagpole Hill dozens of times in the past, and planned on shooting in a meadow but the city had just paved a new bike path so I explored before my clients arrived and stumbled on the most beautiful leafy cove with newly budding trees and wildflowers. The outfits we had selected in advance in cool blues and whites would work perfectly.

I am a lifestyle photographer focused on all things motherhood. Nothing is sweeter than creating and cultivating a little life, and it is a gift to be able to freeze these moments in time for my clients. My style is light, bright, and airy and is meant capture the emotional bond between mothers and their little ones.

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