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Sunnydays Photography

Sunny Brynn Jolley
Sunnydays Photography

I love the beauty of simplicity. Like the way ones style aesthetic changes over the years, my growth as a mother and photographer has changed the way I view and appreciate things. My daughter has been my biggest inspiration throughout my photography career. One of the biggest goals she has inspired me to grasp is capturing real moments; the beauty, truth, and the lifestyle. That is what I want to see in my images in years to come.

These are some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken of my daughter because you see the truth in her smile and the happiness in her laugh. My new goal is to achieve this with everyone I shoot; the bride as well as the child. It was time to document her turning five and it didn’t take long to be inspired to make her a bouquet of her very own. She sees me editing pictures of “Princess Bride’s” with their beautiful flower bouquets and I could tell she wanted to be a part of it somehow… so blooms in hand; we set off to make some memories.

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