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Such Great Heights

Maya Laurent
Such Great Heights
Westfield, IN

I’m Maya Laurent and started focusing on high school senior photography and launching Such Great Heights after doing wedding photography for many years. I have always had a passion for high school students and wanted to use my gift as a photographer to help teenagers embrace who they are and take that into the world to do powerful things. Capturing the giggly side and then the more serious side of high schoolers brings such a joy to my life.

This session was planned out with the high school senior. She had several interests and wanted to capture those during her senior session. We planned the location to be a grassy/nature filled setting. The senior, Molly, brought lots of fun props, like a chair, old suitcase, and cruiser bike. During the session we explored the location and laughed our way through climbing in the tall grass and avoiding cars on the country road.

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