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Styled Maternity Session

Radhika and Ian McDiarmid
Radian Photography
Durham, NC

It’s striking how significant each pose, each photograph, can feel when the subject is someone whose beauty feels so obvious to you. When I photographed Radhika’s maternity session (styled by the amazing Plume Events), I wasn’t ready for the pressure that comes with presenting a person I love to the world through photography. It reminds me that the stories people hear through our photography are important. They add a level of meaning to a photograph that is about the beauty of a memory, not just the beauty of an image. In these photos I see the kind, thoughtful mother I want to raise my children, the powerful woman who allowed me into her life, and the intentional person that grows and learns every day to make that happen. She will make a wonderful mother, and I am so lucky to watch as her partner. -Ian McDiarmid of Radian Photography

We are Radhika and Ian, a husband & wife team of wedding and lifestyle photographers. We document the deep connection & powerful work of building a marriage, because we believe in the unseen wonder of intentionally crafted relationships. We love photographing using both film and digital and enjoy creating work for our clients that is timeless.

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