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Studio 29 Photography

Ren Lenhof
Studio 29 Photography
Milwaukee, WI

Here are some images from a recent family session at a nature preserve in Waterford, Wi with the Morgan family.
I loved everything about this session – the scenery, the lighting, and most of all the interactions between the parents and the kiddos throughout the session.
Alyson brought a blanket, pop corn, and a toy drum to keep the kids entertained during the shoot. I instructed them for some of the photos but mostly I just kept encouraging them to “hangout” with their kids as they would on a daily basis. The giggles from Magnolia (their daughter) and the baby mumbles + adorable claps from little Griffen were were just priceless. I think the pop corn was a great idea because it didn’t take away from the styling of their outfits or the scene of the photos and it was a quick and fun snack for the kids.

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