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Storybox Art

Alpana Aras-King
Storybox Art
San Francisco, CA

I have known this family for a while and the last time we met, this littlest member was in his mama’s belly. We did this photo session to focus on him at fifteen months, which was about the same age I photographed his older brother. It is so fun to see different personalities of siblings and he was certainly a lot more active than his older brother. We took some photos at home and then headed out to the beach for some play time. The family has a VW Bus that has been a great prop for their images. The black and white image of the family sitting in the van (also the cover image for their album) is one of my favorites. It was one little moment but it speaks volumes of the special bond and the love this family has for one another. I thought I would also include a few images of the family album. I love making these treasures!

  1. such a beautiful family & photos <3

  2. These photos are beautiful! Love the colour tones and the setting

  3. What a fantastic and creative session! Beautiful work. Cheers, Rob

  4. Beautiful, clean, series of images. Love it!

  5. thank you, thank you Lemonade and Lenses/ Lexi for featuring this lovely family session. And thank to all of you lovely people for your kind words.

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