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Stephanie Cobb Photography

Stephanie Cobb
Stephanie Cobb Photography
Savannah, GA

Photographing in Savannah, Georgia gives you a wide variety of shooting locations. We have the historic downtown, Tybee Island, and rural areas by the dozen – the latter rarely utilized. While I usually go for a coastal theme in my photographs, I decided to use a field that I pass by every day near my home for this senior session. The sun was setting and gave us perfect light for our 30 minute shoot. I wish there had been more time! This senior was as effortless as she was stunning. There was very little direction involved. When people think of Savannah, they think brick and marsh. I hope with this session I can show that Savannah has a little more to offer!

stephaniecobbphotography1 stephaniecobbphotography2 stephaniecobbphotography3 stephaniecobbphotography4 stephaniecobbphotography5 stephaniecobbphotography6 stephaniecobbphotography7 stephaniecobbphotography8 stephaniecobbphotography9 stephaniecobbphotography10 stephaniecobbphotography11 stephaniecobbphotography12 stephaniecobbphotography13 stephaniecobbphotography14 stephaniecobbphotography15

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