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Stacy Hart Photography

Stacy Hart
Stacy Hart Photography
Camden, DE

Hi! I am Stacy Hart, a momma to two beautiful littles, and a wife to the one guy perfectly made for me. I am a Delaware wedding and portrait photographer specializing in “Love Multiplied” sessions.  Stacy Hart – Love Multiplied is a brand I started this year after dreaming about it for the past two years. It’s the belief that our love isn’t the strongest on the wedding day, but rather that it multiplies tenfold throughout the marriage. I have a passion for the growing family and the connections within the family unit. I get to see a lot of my clients after their wedding day for maternity, newborn, or family sessions and it melts my heart when I get to photograph their love multiplying!

This military couple was about to leave Delaware and move to Hawaii just in time to meet their baby girl. Kind of jealous they are about to have a baby in HAWAII!!! They have been stationed here for a few years, so we did a shoot so they can remember Delaware. It was 24 degrees outside and this momma rocked it. In a dress, no less!

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