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Stacey Kyler Seniors

Stacey Kyler
Stacey Kyler Seniors
Denver, CO

My name is Stacey Kyler and I am a senior and fashion photographer in Denver, Colorado.  The favorite part of my job is dreaming up ideas and then working together with my incredibly talented team to bring that vision to reality.  The vision for this particular session was a young woman in post-apocolyptic times.  Scared and alone, she would hoard clothing and other items on her body to help her survive.  I love the fierceness and strength that is portrayed by the model in these photos.  I think a lot of us can relate to the idea of having moments in our lives when we feel scared and alone, but we dig in and find where our true strength comes from.

Model – Sabrina Ballard
MUA – Heather Baker
Hair Stylist – Jennifer Dean
Stylists – Stacey Kyler and Tasha Green

StaceyKyler-1 StaceyKyler-2 StaceyKyler-3 StaceyKyler-4 StaceyKyler-5 StaceyKyler-6 StaceyKyler-7 StaceyKyler-8 StaceyKyler-9 StaceyKyler-10 StaceyKyler-11 StaceyKyler-12 StaceyKyler-13 StaceyKyler-14 StaceyKyler-15 StaceyKyler-16 StaceyKyler-17 StaceyKyler-18 StaceyKyler-19 StaceyKyler-20 StaceyKyler-21 StaceyKyler-22 StaceyKyler-23 StaceyKyler-24

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