What Colors To Wear For Spring Family Pictures? (Spring Family Photo Color Scheme)

Associated with new life and fresh beginnings, spring is the perfect time for a family photoshoot. The mild weather makes it easier to shoot outdoors, while the blooming flowers make the perfect backdrop.

What Colors To Wear For Spring Family Pictures? (Spring Family Photo Color Scheme)

However, you want the focus to be on you and your family, not the surroundings! Pastel colors are perfect for creating outfits that draw the eye without overwhelming the composition.

A simple color scheme of pastels is easy to work with and very flattering. Planning a family photoshoot in the spring? Take a look at these tips to find the perfect colors to wear for your spring family photos (see also: What Colors To Wear For Family Pictures Outside (Best Colors To Wear For Outdoor Family Photos))!

Choosing A Spring Family Photo Color Scheme

A spring family photo should capture all the joy of the season, as well as the love you and your family have for each other. The right color scheme will enhance the pictures, (see also: What’s The Best Color To Wear For School Pictures? (Picture Day Tips)) keeping you and your family as the focal point while sitting well in the natural environment.

Consider The Setting

Before you start searching through your wardrobe, consider the setting of your photographs. In spring, you’re probably heading outdoors — you want to capture the best colors of the season.

But when you’re taking photos outside, the background is a little harder to control! If you’re hoping to capture the spring blossoms in your photos, consider what colors are actually going to be in the photographs.

Pinks, blues, yellows, and oranges are all around during this season and they can all play with the composition. Take a look at the colors you’re working with before deciding on outfits.

Begin With Neutrals

Choosing neutrals as the basis for your spring outfits allows you to create timeless photos. You can then build up the color scheme from here, ensuring the simple base will help the colors to pop.

Spring is a time filled with color, and it’s tempting to lean into this bright feeling. However, too many colors can quickly confuse the composition. By beginning with a toned-down neutral, you give yourself room to play.

For spring, white and ivory both work as a base, especially if you add soft colors to mute the brightness. Beige is excellent at this time of year. Gray can be a good neutral base, but avoid anything too dark.

Try Pastels

The perfect colors for spring photo shots are pastels. They work with the natural colors that bloom this time of year, they’re flattering, and they add a softness to your photographs.

By choosing pastels you can use several colors without confusing the eye. Draw inspiration from the colors that surround you. Springtime pastels are inspired by the blossoms and flowers of the season. Some top choices include:

  • Baby blue
  • Lilac
  • Lavender
  • Peach
  • Blush pink
  • Pale coral
  • Mint green
  • Spring green
  • Cream yellow
  • Pale yellow

Use Complementary Colors

What Colors To Wear For Spring Family Pictures? (Spring Family Photo Color Scheme)

A major advantage of choosing pastels is that you can mix and match the colors. Because the shades aren’t too strong, you can combine several in one shoot. The gentle tones pair well with each other and won’t fight.

Complementary colors come from opposite ends of the color spectrum. Sat next to each other, they help bring out the other shade. For example, purple and yellow.

These complementary schemes are eye-catching and enticing. However, you don’t have to go for high contrast. Pastels are easy to work with, so you can use several shades in close proximity.

Stick With A Limited Color Scheme

A mixture of colors can help your photos come to life. Matchy-matchy works best for fall and winter shoots, while spring family photos benefit from color (see also: What To Wear For Winter Family Photos (Color Schemes For Timeless Pictures)). However, a limited color palette is much easier to work with than wearing (see also: What’s The Best Color To Wear For School Pictures (Picture Day Tips)?) every color you can find.

Choose three or four shades that will allow you to create depth but not confusion. Each shade doesn’t need to play a big role in the photo — a small pop of color from an accessory might be all you need.

Wear Layers, Not Coats

Spring can be chilly, but if your photoshoot falls on a colder day, don’t reach for the coat. (Even if it matches your color scheme.) Instead, choose layers.

It’s much easier to coordinate layered clothing, allowing you to explore your color theme. Layers also capture the spring vibe better than coats. A heavy coat will read winter, rather than spring!

Finally, it can be hard to pose naturally if you’re all wearing coats. By picking warm layers, you can keep the movement in your photographs.

Colors To Avoid For Spring Family Photos

For a spring photo shoot, you want your colors to match the season. Here are a few shades to avoid.

Bright Neon Colors

Bright neon colors can be overpowering in a spring photo shoot. They’re also harder to mix and match, which can create a discordant finish. Neons will often clash with both the subject of the photo and the background.

If you’re particularly drawn to a neon shade, look for a pastel version instead. Glaring orange is hard to photograph, but a few splashes of a softer coral can look delightful against a green garden.


While it’s often hard to go wrong with basic black, it isn’t the best choice for a spring photo shoot. A spring photo shoot is all about creating a soft finish. Black is too harsh and will overwhelm the softness.


While pastels and neutrals might be the top choice for spring photos, don’t overthink the color scheme. You want the photoshoot to capture the essence of your family.

Pick colors you love and that represent your family. What colors do you like for a spring photoshoot?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Colors Do You Wear For Spring Pictures?

Pastel colors are perfect for capturing the fresh magic of spring. Choose a limited color palette and pick shades that complement each other. Using a neutral base will allow you more room for experimentation.

What To Wear For Spring Outdoor Photos?

If you’re taking photos outside, consider the background before deciding on a color scheme. To avoid overcrowding the frame, choose colors that work with the setting, rather than against it.

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