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Sonia Bourdon Photographe

Sonia Bourdon
Sonia Bourdon Photographe
Montréal, QC, Canda

I am a professional photographer located in Montreal, Quebec, and I have been in business since 2009. I mostly do weddings and maternity sessions.

This is a session I did the day after Christmas in a place called St-Faustin Lac-Carré in the Laurentian, an hour and half north of Montreal. The decor over there is just AMAZING. This mom-to-be, Emilie, is so cute and she loves fashion (I am sure you can tell by looking at the pictures)! Her boyfriend Phil is a musician, so he came to the shoot with his ukelele and played some while they where laying down on this beautiful blanket in the snow! Emilie is going to give birth to a little girl that she’s going to name Zoe. We decided to go down on the lake and take pictures there. We poured hot chocolate in these beautiful cups that I found before the shoot and the magic just happened while snow was coming down on them! ❤

sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0001 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0002 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0003 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0004 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0005 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0006 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0007 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0008 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0009 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0010 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0011 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0012 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0013 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0014 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0015 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0016 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0017 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0018 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0019 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0020 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0021 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0022 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0023 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0024 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0025 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0026 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0027 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0028 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0029 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0030 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0031 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0032 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0033 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0034 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0035 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0036 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0037 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0038 sonia_bourdon_photography_winter_shoot_0039

  1. Oh Wow! Wow! Bravo Sonia, absolument magnifique. Vraiment très original comme thème maternité. Un contrôle parfait de la lumière.

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