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Sonia Bourdon Photographe

Sonia Bourdon
Sonia Bourdon Photographe
Montréal, QC, Canada

I have been a professional photographer since 2009. I mostly shoot maternity, families, and weddings, and I love it!! This session was held in Montreal, Quebec a few weeks ago. These two little birds are going to have their wedding this September. Their wedding is going to be an urban style wedding, so they wanted something quite different from their engagement shoot. We decide to do something more romantic with an airy feel in the fields before the summer kicks in and before the grass grows too much. We waited the sun to come down and took advantage of the great light this day had given us. These two were so easy to work with and so willing. This was a fun and beautiful session! I am really looking forward to their wedding in September.

SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_01 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_02 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_03 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_04 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_05 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_06 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_07 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_08 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_09 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_10 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_11 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_12 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_13 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_14 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_15 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_16 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_17 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_18 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_19 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_20 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_21 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_22 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_23 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_24  SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_26 SBP_Maude_and_Godefroy_27

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