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Smitten Imagery

Brittney Zambrowicz
Smitten Imagery
The Woodlands, TX

Looking down, I saw my pants were dusted with debris from the granola bar I devoured on my way to the shoot. Earlier, I was tackling my inbox, creating welcome packets, and mailing products, hoping to be as productive as possible before heading out with my camera for some personal work.

I had arrived at our shoot location, a quiet field near where I live. As the wind gently brushed the bottom of my model’s gown, I took a breath and enjoyed the calm while my mental to-do list faded. Smiling, I picked up my camera, the fallen granola bits a mere memory of previous tension.

This shoot is why I continue to love personal work, one of the best ways to unwind and evolve as a photographer.
Styling: Crystal Cook of Glamazon Makeup

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  1. The photos are lovely BUT what compelled me to leave a comment is your writing…holy moley…you just sucked me right in with your poetic, literary prose. Your writing style is just as amazing as your beautiful photos!…makes me want to read your blog…will look you up now….

  2. I love this session! The writing dares me in, I feel like I am right there with you.

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