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Simply Rose Photography

Rose Dykstra
Simply Rose Photography
Vancouver, BC

I mainly focus on weddings and couples, so that means the winter time in Vancouver, BC can be a little quieter. This is a great time to do some personal work and this particular session had been in my head for a while. The shoot was based around a restaurant in New Westminster, BC called Wild Rice, which has a lovely space with lots of light and a great feature wall of plants. I also incorporated a number of meaningful items such as my mother’s old typewriter, the locket my dad gave to her when she was pregnant with me, and one of my grandmother’s vases. I do have a soft spot for flowers as well, peonies being amongst some of my favourite, as well as ranunculus. I wanted the shoot to have a light, airy, romantic feel and I felt like the location along with these carefully selected items did just that.

Location: Wild Rice, New Westminster, BC
Model: Thea Reynolds
Hair/Makeup: Gems Hair and Makeup
Flowers: The Flower Factory

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  1. What a lovely session. Goes to show that you don’t always have to have an elaborate set up to create beautiful images.

  2. These are lovely! I adore typewriters and peonies are my fave flower! Great job!

  3. I love these images. So soft and gentle – they really invite the viewer into the scene.

    What beautiful details. It doesn’t hurt that I love typewriters. ;)

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