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Shelley K Photography

Shelley Banks
Shelley K Photography
Portland, OR

Hey there! I am Shelley, with Shelley K Photography, a Portland, Oregon wedding and family photographer. I shoot both digital and film. For this bridal session shot on the north Oregon coast near Cannon Beach I shot almost exclusively digitally. This styled bridal session was very much inspired by the natural and rugged beauty of the Oregon coast.

N02C8260_SKP N02C8285_SKP N02C8315_SKP N02C8317_SKP N02C8328_SKP N02C8330_SKP N02C8354_SKP N02C8406_SKP N02C8417_SKP N02C8425_SKP N02C8431_SKP N02C8437_SKP N02C8439_SKP N02C8453_SKP N02C8469_SKP N02C8477_SKP N02C8493_SKP N02C8504_SKP N02C8512_SKP N02C8517_SKP N02C8520_SKP N02C8528_SKP N02C8533_SKP N02C8554_SKP N02C8557_SKP N02C8580_SKP N02C8585_SKP N02C8591_SKP N02C8679_SKP N02C8686_SKP N02C8688_SKP N02C8709_SKP N02C8777_SKP

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