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Shantal Marie Photography

Shantal Hetlinger
Shantal Marie Photography
Victoria, BC (Canada)

I am a lifestyle portrait photographer, catering to the edgy, modern individual. I love chocolate, rainy days, and most of all, Jesus. I have one basic goal in mind when taking pictures: to simply CAPTURE each beautiful person that I am blessed to have in front of my lens. From their quirks, to their stunning vibrant personalities, I want it all. As I like to say – “All natural light, all natural you.”

Breanna’s gorgeous session was no different. We met up one sunny afternoon and proceeded to walk around the beautiful city, stumbling upon location after stunning location. I really wanted to capture Breanna’s west coast look, bright personality, and easy, laughing nature.

Bre01 Bre02 Bre03 Bre04 Bre05 Bre06 Bre07 Bre08 Bre09 Bre10 Bre11 Bre12 Bre13 Bre14 Bre15 Bre16 Bre17 Bre18 Bre19 Bre20

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