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Shannon Corsi Photography

Shannon Corsi
Shannon Corsi Photography
Missoula, MT

Hello! I’m Shannon Corsi of Shannon Corsi Photography. I’m a lifestyle and fashion photographer based in Missoula, Montana. Most of my work centers around creating unique lifestyle portraits for my wonderful clients.

This session was one of my favorites that I’ve had the privilege of shooting. Sayre and Blake have been dating for a little over a year and wanted portraits together; I feel so lucky they chose me to take them. When I met with Sayre for coffee to plan their shoot, she informed me had been doing long distance for the last several months. Even better, I was able to shoot them a few hours after Blake stepped off her plane and they saw each other for the first time in months.

2014-06-27_0001 2014-06-27_0002 2014-06-27_0003 2014-06-27_0004 2014-06-27_0005 2014-06-27_0006 2014-06-27_0007 2014-06-27_0008 2014-06-27_0009 2014-06-27_0010 2014-06-27_0011 2014-06-27_0012 2014-06-27_0013 2014-06-27_0014 2014-06-27_0015 2014-06-27_0016

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