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Schokoladenseite Portrait- & Hochzeitsfotografie

Anna Mardo
Schokoladenseite Portrait- & Hochzeitsfotografie
Gundelfingen (near Munich), Germany

I’m Anna Mardo, a 27 years old German portait and wedding photographer based near Munich. Before I started my photography business I worked in film, specifically documentary. Thus, my photographic style can be described as true, inspirational, and tender. I love catching beautiful moments in life. Recently I did a Boho style inspired shoot because I really like the clothing style and the mood transported by this lifestyle.

Winterwalk_0001 Winterwalk_0002 Winterwalk_0003 Winterwalk_0004 Winterwalk_0005 Winterwalk_0008 Winterwalk_0009 Winterwalk_0010 Winterwalk_0011 Winterwalk_0012 Winterwalk_0013 Winterwalk_0014 Winterwalk_0015 Winterwalk_0016 Winterwalk_0017 Winterwalk_0018 Winterwalk_0019 Winterwalk_0020 Winterwalk_0021 Winterwalk_0022

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