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Sarah Elle Photography

Sarah Rhodes
Sarah Elle Photography
Hampton, VA

Hi! I’m Sarah, with Sarah Elle Photography, located in Hampton Roads, Virginia. I am lucky enough to get to work with some of the most fun, outgoing, and naturally beautiful seniors out there – and Lauren is no exception! I love how she came alive in front of the camera and how comfortable she was being herself. Lauren has a huge heart and loves to make others happy, so seeing her smile at her session and knowing SHE was having a good time was the icing on the cake to a really fun day.

Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_001 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_002 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_003 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_004 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_005 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_006 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_007 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_008 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_009 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0010 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0011 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0012 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0013 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0014 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0015 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0016 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0017 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0018 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0019 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0020 Lauren_Senior_Photography_Sarah_Elle_Photography_0021

  1. susan

    She’s beautiful and so are the photos!

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