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Sarah Cabalka Photography

Sarah Cabalka
Sarah Cabalka Photography
Portland, OR

Hello! Here’s a little about the wonderful Nick+Jessica:

I met Nick and Jessica a month before their engagement session at a tea bar in Portland, OR and right away I knew I liked them. A lot! They were so kind, genuine and super into each other, which I loved. So a few short weeks later we ended up driving the 1.5 hour drive from Portland to Seaside where we met on a sunny afternoon! I love photographing movement, so we rented bikes and found a swing set on the beach. They are super playful and active, so incorporating those worked well with their personalities. They were so great to photograph because I could tell they were really comfortable with each other and loved one another well and just knew how to have fun, even with a camera pointed at them! We ended the evening at the beach while the sun disappeared and I felt like it was a day more spent with friends than clients! I love when relationships form from these things.

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