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Sami Jo Photography

Sami Jo Shurtleff
Sami Jo Photography
Logan, UT

My name is Sami Jo and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer here in snowy Utah! This beautiful model Kaestle and I wanted to do something cozy and festive for this shoot. With Kaestle’s amazing beauty and the head wreath designed by Flower Afternoon, I think it just all came together perfectly.

IMG_6240EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6258EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6262EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6282EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6303EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6360EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6362EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6383EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6393EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6394EXTENSIONsamijophoto copy IMG_6405EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6428EXTENSIONsamijophoto copy IMG_6440EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6447EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6472EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6475EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6487EXTENSIONsamijophoto copy IMG_6524EXTENSIONsamijophoto

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