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Rustic Pear Photography

Dodi Holm
Rustic Pear Photography
Stayton, OR

I started Rustic Pear Photography about 4 years ago.  I am a romantic at heart and want to create classic, timeless, and romantic images.  When my clients look at my images I want them to dream and be inspired.  For this shoot I was inspired by a classic Christmas plaid jacket.  Prior to starting my photography business I sold a clothes line for a few years, so for this shoot I combined my clothing training, love for romance, – who doesn’t want to wear a tulle skirt? – and a classic jacket.  I shared my ideas with my makeup and hair artist and she put on the final touches for this shoot.  It was 35 degrees during this shoot and we rode in a Gator to get to the site – not so dreamy.  But what a wonderful day it was and the light that day was amazing.  I was very grateful for such a wonderful day and that everything came together!

Hair/Makeup:  Jodi Dirkx

RusticPearPhotography_0108 RusticPearPhotography_0109 RusticPearPhotography_0110 RusticPearPhotography_0111 RusticPearPhotography_0112 RusticPearPhotography_0113 RusticPearPhotography_0114 RusticPearPhotography_0115 RusticPearPhotography_0116 RusticPearPhotography_0117 RusticPearPhotography_0118 RusticPearPhotography_0119 RusticPearPhotography_0120 RusticPearPhotography_0121 RusticPearPhotography_0122 RusticPearPhotography_0123 RusticPearPhotography_0124 RusticPearPhotography_0125 RusticPearPhotography_0126 RusticPearPhotography_0127 RusticPearPhotography_0128 RusticPearPhotography_0129 RusticPearPhotography_0130 RusticPearPhotography_0131 RusticPearPhotography_0132 RusticPearPhotography_0133 RusticPearPhotography_0134 RusticPearPhotography_0135 RusticPearPhotography_0136 RusticPearPhotography_0137 RusticPearPhotography_0138 RusticPearPhotography_0139 RusticPearPhotography_0140

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