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Remnant Photography

Michelle Coppini
Remnant Photography
Fort Walton Beach, FL

This session was extremely dear to my heart. Not just because my model is stunning and happened to have a heart of gold, but because this shoot was an amazingly fun adventure. It started when we explored different locations: climbing through bushes to find hidden groves, exploring abandoned houses, and finishing at a forgotten coast. Once finding these little gem’s the adventure continued as we went from outfit to outfit. Each change revealing a different aspect of my friends heart. By far the best compliment I received was when my friend told me, “This image is the most ‘me’ I have even seen in a photograph.” That is my goal in shooting boudoir.  To capture “you,” your beauty, your complexities, your quirks. Everything that combines to make the only “you” there is. It is a journey, an experience, and it is one I just love taking with each and every one of my clients.

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