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Rebecca Sable Photography | Washington, DC

Rebecca Sable
Rebecca Sable Photography
Washington, DC

This was an in-home newborn session shot in a cozy one-bedroom apartment. We had a few windows to work with that brought in the most magical light. This family was a dream to photograph, and I tried to reflect their calm, gentle, and loving nature in these images. It was especially sweet to capture them in their home, knowing that these spaces are where they share daily doses of love and laughter. My hope is that they will treasure these images for years to come.

My business is all about capturing and preserving the everyday beauty of family. I believe there is so much to celebrate in the ordinary and that beauty can be found all around us if we simply take the time to look for it. My goal is to create images that have meaning and depth, yet are simplistic and familiar in nature. To me it’s the little things  the twirling of a little one, a head in a lap, a whispered secret, a belly laugh, barefoot toes and tangled limbs  that truly tell our stories and speak to our hearts.

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