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Rayne Drop Photography

Kathryn Barredo
Rayne Drop Photography
Calmar (Edmonton), Alberta, Canada

I specialize in maternity and newborn photography in the Edmonton area. I’m a mother of four little girls under the age of 6. My business developed from my love of photographing my own children. I started to photograph newborns and completely fell in love. My preference is natural light, however I had to make the switch to studio lighting because our weather is very unpredictable in Alberta and we have winter for a good majority of the year. Up until a year ago, I used to shoot natural light indoors. Now I’ve started to use studio light and I love the outcome.

This was a newborn session that I recently did of a brand new little boy. He was only 6 days old! He was definitely one of those babies that loved to breast feed. His mommy was topping him off every few minutes to keep him happy. What a trooper she was! In the end, We were able to push through the constant feedings and I’m so happy with how his session turned out.

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