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Raw Footage Photography

Sophie Sheldrick
Raw Footage Photography
London Ontario Canada

My name is Sophie and I am the photographer behind Raw Footage Photography in London, Ontario. I first launched my business in 2010 and have been helping people tell their story in a pure, fresh and unobtrusive way since then. When it comes to photography, I am a lover of light, love and raw emotion. The day this lovely little family session took place, we barely beat an evening rain storm. It was very overcast and grey, and I was a little sad about the lack of golden sun that usually greets us an hour before sunset. But we went ahead and made the best of it, and I’m so glad we did. For all the lack of sunlight, the sweet love that exuded from this family provided all the light we needed. I just loved their tender, sincere interactions as they snuggled and gazed upon their new little bundle. When I look back on these images, I can almost feel their adoration for each other, and I hope you will be able to as well.

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