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Rae of Life Photography

Shannon Isereau
Rae of Life Photography
Pulaski, NY

I am a photographer who thoroughly enjoys shooting a little bit of everything! I love babies, but love my seniors/young adults just as much. I have been in business for 5 years, and shoot both with studio and natural light. I recently had my very own studio space built on my property by my loving husband, and every day I strive to be a better artist than I was the day before. I love a challenge. I love awake babies who force me to pose outside the norm. I love shooting in the rain or a snow storm. I love being forced to think on my feet and make the most of every moment and situation. My hope is that my work reflects my spirit. Bright, colorful, emotional, full of light, shadows and contrast… ever changing, and always evolving.

What I love most about the session attached is the story that is told. It is one of a young woman on a new life adventure. She starts the session reserved, clinging to herself. As the session evolves, her layers peel away to reveal a care free spirit ready to take on life with a new found confidence.

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