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Quinn LaCasse, photographer

Quinn LaCasse
Quinn LaCasse, photographer
Jacksonville, FL

Meet Crystal and Tony…the real life Ken and Barbie.  Seriously, can I even call this work? Scheduled to get married in April of 2013, at Crystal’s request we decided to take a vintage approach to their engagement session. Vintage…It’s been done before, so I decided to take it to the next level.  This is the first of a 3 part session, “The Greet”, “The Court” and “The Proposal”. They were so natural in front of the lens…and photogenic to say the very least….GAH!!  This perfect truck is a Vintage Ford F100 and was the meeting place to start our series off with a bang.  A little about me, I’m Quinn!  I’m a highly caffeinated cup of southern sweet tea and I have a strong grasp to my faith in God, my love for photography, and my stance for what is right.  I can’t leave the house without my camera in my bag.  I feel lost without it.  I have a rich and dreamy editing style.  I invite you to come dream with me.

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