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  1. Jana you rocked this session. Love it all.

  2. These are all beautiful…especially love Alissa Saylor’s family photograph and the shot of the boy on the swing by Baby Love Photography. Cheers, Rob

  3. WOW ! beautiful session and marvellous model !!!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Her skin tone and hair with this blue sky and ocean are just so gorgeous! Love the feel of these!

  6. Leigh

    LOVE! So simplistic and so fully of beauty <3

  7. Karen

    This was a terrific post! The photography is lovely – enjoyed everything about it.

  8. so beautiful!

  9. Wow, wow, WOW! So fun and playful. Love the styling and awesome use of props!!!! Just truly amazing on so many levels! :)

  10. Absolutely stunning!!

  11. such a beautiful family & photos <3

  12. These photos are beautiful! Love the colour tones and the setting

  13. What a fantastic and creative session! Beautiful work. Cheers, Rob

  14. Beautiful, clean, series of images. Love it!

  15. Pete


  16. I love the beetle-bug shot!

  17. Katherine Mendieta

    I have never seen such bright, colorful, wonderful pictures of a dog before. You have such a gift :)

  18. Beautiful shots! That location is amazing!

  19. Beautiful session and dog!

  20. Jete,
    What a fantastic shoot…love the light, location and amazing chemistry too! Beautiful work. Cheers, Rob

  21. Sooooo sweet! I love the blend of posed and lifestyle, and the portraits with the collections are so creative!!

  22. Wendy hamstra

    Jete, absolutely amazing photos! You have such an eye for photography. Gorgeous location!

  23. IB

    Love it! vintage mixed with modern style! The lighting is perfect

  24. Holy stunning, these are amazing!

  25. Heidi Riggs

    Amazing work, Tabitha & Lauren! Love them ALL!
    (Love you both!)

  26. beautiful session ! I love the colors so sweet !

  27. Marvellous !

  28. Very nice session !

  29. These are great detail shots.

  30. thank you, thank you Lemonade and Lenses/ Lexi for featuring this lovely family session. And thank to all of you lovely people for your kind words.

  31. This session is beautiful. Simple, yet intimate. I love the relationship they have together. Wonderful job!

  32. Stunning maternity session!

  33. Thanks so much for the wonderful feature. We’re honored to be included among so many incredibly talented photographers!

  34. Just amazing! One of the best maternity sessions I’ve ever seen!

  35. Gorgeous shots! I love the light and mood!

  36. Michael,
    Congrats on another beautiful maternity session! Noticed your new California address and website. Are you bi-costal – NYC and San Diego now, or in transition to over to the west coast full time? (if so, lucky you!) Just wondering because I’ve always recommended you to clients looking for outdoor maternity sessions in the NYC area (which I don’t do). Regardless, another fantastic shoot! Cheers, Rob

  37. Paige

    Stunning images, so inspiring! Somehow I missed the Leslie Hollingsworth one in my feed..absolutely breathtaking, congrats to all!

  38. Thank you so much for the feature!! All the images are stunning!!

  39. Thank you so much for the feature! Congrats everyone, gorgeous images!

  40. Absolutely beautiful!

  41. This is possibly the best idea ever! Beautiful concept and beautiful photographs.

  42. These images are so soft and beautiful, absolutely stunning!

  43. These are absolutely lovely! I too wish I could go back in time and re-do my own senior portraits, especially if they would look like this!

  44. Elizabeth Penick

    The ladies are beautiful and their dresses are amazing! The photography is incredible! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  45. I ADORE those black and whites of them walking in the field. Gorgeous.

  46. All of these images are just so beautiful! I tried to pick out a favorite, but they just keep on getting better as I scroll down! Gorgeous!

  47. They are adorable and I love their style. So sweet. The images inside the little barn are my fav!!! So cute!

  48. they are so brave!!! You couldn’t pay me enough to be photographed with that snake around me – these are incredible! I love the senior with the top hat – what a great variety.

  49. What a beautiful young woman and fantastic maternity photographs…love the sepia tone photo as well as the color photographs in the trees and fields. Beautiful work! Cheers, Rob

  50. Oh my god. These are stunning!

  51. I LOVE the rain boots with the dress! So cute and sweet. Adorable!

  52. What gorgeous photography… captures the joy and wonder of childhood exploration so beautifully! Cheers, Rob

  53. THANK YOU SO MUCH for including me in your weekly faves this week!!! SUCH an honor!!

  54. beautiful session for a lovely little girl ! beautiful light!

  55. These are absolutely amazing! Love the warmth and character!

  56. Beautiful work!

  57. Oh these photos are absolutely stunning!!

  58. What a beautiful session

  59. Wait, you’re not in business?! There are so many people that are and your talent surpasses theirs! Amazing work! Gorgeous lil girl! ♥

  60. How I missed this I don’t know…but awesome as always Erin!
    Love love your photography!!

  61. Thank you Lemonade and Lenses… this is such an honor! :)

  62. Steven

    Great Work! So proud to call this wonderful photographer my bride. Shout out to L&L for the support and spectacular job you do in networking with these wonderful artists. Keep up the excellent work.

  63. Patti

    Wow! amazing photos Kenzie. What great use of props and venues. You are a super talented photographer with an amazing eye for what you create with photos

  64. Liz Mase

    You never cease to amaze me with your talent. You are one awesome photographer. Great work sweetie :-)

  65. Thank you Rob, much appreciated!

  66. Love, love, love this photo shoot. Beautiful photos. Beautiful everything.

  67. These are stunning!

  68. I have to know were you got that dress! LOVE it. beautiful work

  69. Another fantastic group of photographs… I love High Five for Love Photography’s B&W silhouettes. And the Sea Flowers Photography shot of the dog with the frog on his nose is just awesome! Cheers, Rob

  70. This shoot is so beautiful and really shows the unique personality of the couple ! I love the book titles and the lighting !

  71. Leigh

    Absolutely stunning! Very sweet and special all the way through! :) LOVE those little lights and the way you played w/ them! :)

  72. Oh my goodness!! I LOVE these!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  73. Gorgeous session!!

  74. okay, no, this session is STUNNING. so much heart in every photograph! you captured the magic of the forest so well. :) and this gorgeous couple. Love.

  75. Thank you Lemonade and Lenses for featuring us on your blog! This was a fun shoot with a beautiful couple :)

  76. Absolutely beautiful images! And she is just stunning!

  77. wow! what a beautiful session. loving the flag shots!!!

  78. i love fairytale shoots – this is just incredible!

  79. wow these are fantastic! and the one with the dog & frog… omg! love!

  80. All of these images are lovely! Great job.

  81. What a beautiful session ! I love it !!!

  82. Jill Greenhill

    These are beautiful Carey and such a pretty subject

  83. just gorgeous Carey!! she is beautiful!! xo

  84. Carey, you captured her so beautifully here! Gorgeous light and girl and moments. <3

  85. Gorgeous work, as always, Carey. So nice to see you featured here. :)

  86. Thanks so much for the feature! :)

  87. Beautiful work Carey- I love it!

  88. Anna Broderick

    Absolutely stunning pictures! Love the one of your little boy tying his shoes laces!

  89. Aww Jillian, these are just gorgeous – love them so much, they are so Abu Dhabi, and so your kids too – I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented friend

  90. Dave Cearley

    Great work Jillian! How you got them alert at 6am is beyond me, but you did great. Is your clientele all contract workers? Do you get a chance to do corporate work as well? I can’t complain about Texas heat watching you overcome myriad obstacles. Kudos.

  91. Rachel Kay

    Lovely photographs; great light and really love the ones with them holding the pentax camera.

  92. Jill Greenhill

    Love their connection beautifully captured

  93. This is such a beautiful session!!

  94. omgoodness! so cute! loving!

  95. Such a stunning session! And I just love the idea of doing a portrait session to represent each season! :)

  96. inba

    Awesome click !

  97. Beautiful maternity photo shoot! Really like the vivid colors, vibrancy and crispness of the photographs! Cheers, Rob

  98. Thank you so much for the feature!!! So excited!

  99. Liz

    Beautiful session!

  100. My first image on your blog! Thank you! Feeling so #blessed #honored to be among such talented artists.

  101. Absolutely Amazing! :)

  102. Carmen Garza Strong

    Thank You so much for the feature! I am so blessed and honored to be featured alongside so much talent! <3

  103. Absolutely gorgeous people, locations, photos … I love these!

  104. These are so gorgeous! A beautiful couple in beyond beautiful locations!

  105. Beautiful photography, you always inspire me. Thank you for sharing.

  106. Shannon

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  107. What beautiful photographs… and the location is out of this world! (my world being NYC/NJ) Fantastic work! Cheers, Rob

  108. Wow stunning shots and location!!

  109. What an absolutely perfect photo session…I love the B&W, grain, and real emotion! The 8th photo down – the one of the dad kissing his daughter is simply beautiful.
    The little girl appears to be stepping forward and the dad is at once supporting her with is hand and holding her close…gorgeous! Cheers, Rob

  110. So many of my talented girlfriends have been featured this week!! Beautiful images by everyone! xo

  111. {these are all so stunning! Great selection!}

  112. Jessica Solarczyk

    I am kinda in LOVE with this entire session. Swoon!

  113. These photos are all so beautiful!! Lovely session. I absolutely adore the close-up b&w profile… it is GORGEOUS!!

  114. Collett Stanger

    Just beautiful–it is fun, soft, romantic and a bit unexpected.

  115. mary

    Raw beauty!!! Love the un-edited freckles and the different textures!!!! A rare find!

  116. These are great!

  117. Jake Heath

    My wife is a rockstar, I’m so proud of her!

  118. Diane Heath

    Really great pictures Cayton. Some of the best I’ve seen.

  119. All gorgeous images! With an equally stunning model! :-)

  120. Pa Nhia Lee

    LOVED every image from this session! Great job!!! :D

  121. Thank you so much for sharing my session! So appreciated!

  122. Gorgeous shoot!! I love everything about it!!

  123. Britney M

    Absolutely stunning!! I love the props, lighting, the photographers “eye” for catching such beauty and the model is beautiful! Great session!

  124. {what a neat location – great session!}

  125. These are all gorgeous! Love the one by Blu Hippo! Such a poetic and beautiful image!

  126. Stunning! Love every single shot!

  127. Holy VSco batman! ;)

  128. What a beautiful photoshoot- not to mention an adorable couple!

  129. Jennifer

    What a sweet session! I absolutely adore the emotion captured here…LOVE!

  130. Absolutely fell in love with this session! It’s a fantastic and inspiring idea, and all of the photos just radiate love so well.

  131. {these images are amazing – what a great + refreshing idea!}

  132. Such a beautiful session! Love love love the color… absolutely stunning. <3

  133. Great shoot…love the sepia tone photographs. Beautiful work!

  134. Oh I love this, please tell me what lens you used. I would love to try something like this. It’s so inspiring.

  135. Dana

    This is so great and really inspired me to think outside the box. thanks!!

  136. dana

    gorgeous! love the little detail shots

  137. Lisa, these are lovely and Madison is a very beautiful girl. I have a question, could you offer any tips as to how to you kept the green cast off her skin when she was surrounded by the tree branches. Her skin is so pretty and peachy. Thank you!

  138. Angela Wynn

    These are awesome!!!!!

  139. These are gorgeous!!!!

  140. {these are stunning!}

  141. When I scroll through portraits I am drawn to when they tell a story and are not cookie cut poses, good work with this photoshoot. More Photography Tips

  142. Such a beautiful selection of images. All of them. So beautiful and inspiring. Big Hey, to Erin. x <3

  143. Nany

    Love this session! Wonderful creativity!

  144. Morgan! This is fantastic! So glad your images are getting the attention they deserve. Congrats, girlfriend!

  145. These are adorable!!! Love his outfit and all the pretty colors! And Morgan, I spent a day in New Albany with my photography class back in college just shooting the downtown area. Small world!

  146. Marla Smith

    Hi Britty,

    Wow, what a handsome young man! Ok so I’m his Mother! I have had several calls about the excellent pictures you took of Brandon. He refuses to believe he could be model material even though many people think so! Think of all the camera equipment he could purchase! You are very talented Britty, and I enjoy your website regularly!

  147. Gorgeous shoot! To be honest, I’m not a big fan of lens flare…but these shots are fantastic! & you captured the obvious love between them beautifully! Raw and honest emotion. Beautiful work. Cheers, Rob.

  148. Kate this is adorable! What a fun time you captured of boys doing what they so best!

    (And we are near Fayetteville, NC!)

  149. what a fun session! oh to be a kid again. Boys are so much fun!

  150. what a romantic session! love!

  151. i just moved to the country. i am starting to really appreciate all things farm/country as we’ve watched the changes of our surrounding over the past 6 months. awesome session!

  152. Amber Parks

    I have just had a wee look thought your website…your work is beautiful…very inspiring.

  153. Gawgi

    Don’t you wish you could take “best buds” with you when you move. They even share the same toothless smile.

  154. These are so so beautiful! (scrolled through twice! Haaa). Lovely!

  155. Ashish

    Excellent work. The colors are vivid and makes good contrast with background.

  156. {thank you all for the kind words!}

  157. {goodness – these are amazing! Love the feel of them – beautiful ladies!}

  158. Oh wow! What a gorgeous shoot! Just beautiful and inspiring. Wonderful.

  159. Scott

    This is SO cute! Look at those eyes!

  160. Stunning!!!

  161. ashley mcrae

    These are beautiful. I love their style and the way these came out.

  162. Katie

    These are stunning! MJW’s got style!

  163. Great job! Keep up the great work!

  164. Crystal

    Beautiful girl & beautiful photos

  165. Beautiful photos!

  166. you know a photographer is a true artist when they can capture a couple just as they are…no props, no blankets, just themselves. I adore these. and that golden sun :)

  167. Yay!! Thank you so much for picking one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE images as your weekly favorite!! All of the photographers you showcased today are amazing and I feel truly honored to be a part of such a talented crowd! Thank you soooo much again!! Love your magazine and the new film magazine as well!! :) XOXO Jess (Ever & Anon)

  168. Wonderful choices!!

  169. Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman

    It is always truly an honor- but especially this time around since I doubted posting that image for fear no one would get it. Thanks for helping me kick that feeling where the sun don’t shine ;)

  170. Meg Hilliard

    Stunning choices. Thank you so much for including mine. Honored to be a part. (3 Birds Photography).

  171. Ah! Thank you SO MUCH for featuring our image. We sure love a cozy couple tucked away in a vineyard. Thanks so much and great work to all of the other photographers! We’re constantly inspired by everyone’s work on here. XO!.

  172. awww JUST found out that my image was featured. Thank you so much !! <3

  173. Karen

    This is incredible! And perfect.

  174. This is so touching, what a beautiful family. I love them.

  175. Nina

    How incredibly beautiful! I just visited her webpage and fell in love with her photography style! Very recommend the rest of the visitors to do so – very elegant style of photography, so delicate and feminine. And the way Aziza captures kids is absolutely worth booking a session with her!

  176. Julia Dobie

    So excited that this was featured!

  177. What lens or lenses were used to take these images? I love them!!

  178. Her eyes are INSANE. Gorgeous shoot!

  179. deb

    Very Nice! I love the last one!

  180. Judy

    Beautiful session, but so disappointed to see more disrespectful use of the flag by another photographer. I know people who do these shots probably have the best intentions and are trying to show patriotism but it is not the way our flag should be treated and I wish photographers were more informed about proper use of our flag.

  181. Judy

    Beautiful session, but so disappointed to see more disrespectful use of the flag by another photographer. I know people who do these shots probably have the best intentions and are trying to show patriotism but it is not the way our flag should be treated and I wish photographers were more informed about proper use of our flag.

  182. {super cute session, love all the creative props!}

  183. I love all the soft pinks and greens, its a very beautiful and subtle session.

  184. These are beautifully romantic photos. I love the flower wreath in the hair.

  185. sarah

    Beautiful shots! I love the lighting!! What lenses were used for these pics?

  186. After see all these pics.I believe in one thing “Love Makes Man Perfect”.

  187. What really great photography…. love the emotion filled couples shots. The couple looks very much in love. Cheers, Rob

  188. Jenee

    My goodness, these are gorgeous!

  189. What an utterly beautiful dress for a maternity session! Love it!

  190. Beautiful!


  192. What a beautiful maternity photo shoot…congratulations to the couple! Cheers, Rob

  193. Emilee

    Absolutely stunning! Great job!

  194. Honored. Thank you!

  195. Fan Favorite

    You take truley amazing photographs and have such an eye for pulling out the warmth and love in your family shoots!

  196. Exquisite everything! I especially enjoyed the shots around the pier and the one where the girls are running with their backs to the camera.

  197. Love this! <3

  198. Very nice!

  199. It was a pleasure working with such an amazing team. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of a makeup artist.

  200. Wow, thank you! They are all so beautiful!

  201. {so lovely!}

  202. Beautiful maternity photos…love the B&Ws as well as the color photographs.
    Cheers, Rob

  203. Aron

    Ooo oooo oooo choose me choose me. Been tossing around this idea for months!!!

  204. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL images!! <3 <3 <3

  205. Emily

    So beautiful!! Love all of these!!

  206. Aunt Judy and Great Grandma

    What beautiful pictures of a beautiful little girl.

  207. Laurie


  208. Gorgeous!

  209. These are so fantastic!! I love the color so much in these

  210. So great! I’m doing a carnival shoot on Saturday. Can’t wait.

  211. Megg

    I absolutely love these!

  212. Kristin

    This is gorgeous!

  213. Such a great feature for such a talented lady! Congrats Tiff, gorgeous work!!!!

  214. I am Tiffani Jones, you are so talented. Love this feature!

  215. Can always tell when I adore something because I scroll through again and again! This is just gorgeous. Beautiful work, beautiful girl. !!

  216. {these are lovely! Great job!}

  217. {awesome job Jared – as always!}

  218. Jetrina Smith

    Absolutely Gorgeous!

  219. April Willard

    you are the best SIS! I love you and these are so awesome!

  220. Kassy

    So honored to be named among these other amazing photographers! Thank you!

  221. What a gorgeous model and a beautiful location. You really found great light and created lovely images.

  222. Nadya…don’t feel too bad…I am just finding I was featured as well and it is September! Thank you Lemonade and Lenses. So many wonderful images on this post.

  223. Debra


  224. Wow, what a beautiful family photo session! Great emotion, light and captured moments. Beautiful work! Cheers, Rob

  225. These are gorgeous! Truly captured those expressions that you only get from a newborn. And I love that he is in his crib. Love these.

  226. Wow, what a beautiful baby – those eyes are incredible!


  227. THANK YOU SO much for the feature!!! <3

  228. wow wow wow! beautiful.


  229. Tania

    This is gorgeous. That light, my goodness!

  230. Gorgeous pictures! The black & white in particular is stunning.

  231. Jess Hunter

    Thanks for featuring this! :)

  232. Stacy

    This was soooo cute! I want a family session like this someday lol

  233. I love that dog photo! It makes me giggle! And that maternity shot is gorgeous!!

  234. Love these. So much inspiration. I especially love the dog photo.

  235. Anna DeLong

    Love these and am so lucky I got to be a part of it! Love when our crazy ideas work out ;)

  236. Monica

    Love these pics!!!! Great job Amie:)

  237. Beautiful!! I am so excited my sweet friend, Amie, was featured for her amazing work! She is such a talented photographer and this is my absolute favorite shoot to date! Stunning!

  238. Justin

    The pictures are STUNNING.

    Beautiful filters, lighting. Beautiful dress and flowers. Beautiful model.

  239. Hey Jenine! Sorry I am just seeing your question! In this case, it was just a case of the right exposure. Hope that helps!

  240. ….a dream…or is not?..enchanting

  241. Love photo

  242. Love! This couple is so sweet! <3

  243. That little boy is so adorable! What a perfect family.


  244. I love how the sun gives her hair a golden look on the edges! These pics came out awesome!

  245. Beautiful girl capturing absolutely amazingly!! <3 <3 <3

  246. such a beautiful concept. marie is such a lovely person on the inside and out. love her! xo

  247. Thank you so much for choosing my image!! I am so honored and amazed by the talent this week!

  248. So honored to have my sweet boy’s {Jeremiah Johnson} inspired shot on your weekly favorites….We are so excited to be featured with such a great group on photographers! Thank you!

  249. This session is so full of style and personality! I love their wardrobe and the angles and heart captured in this. Too cute!

  250. I love the richness of the colors in there. That dress is to die for.

  251. These are beautiful! I bet she will treasure these. She looks so comfortable in front of the camera.

  252. Gorgeous! The soft focus is lovely.

  253. These are gorgeous! I actually said ‘wow’ out loud at this one.


  254. Beautiful Erin!!!

  255. Thank you so much!!! Every image on her is perfect.

  256. These are incredible!!! I am blushing…thank you so much for choosing one of mine:)

  257. Beautiful, Kirstie!!!!!!

  258. Absolutely beautiful, emotion filled and candid shots! :)

  259. Jason

    I Love these; but I have a bias as his dad. Thanks for sharing! Tremendous job by Sarah Martin, a true professional.

  260. Destiny

    Awesome work Sarah! You are the best Newborn photographer out their girl! Keep rocking!

  261. LOVE these. So simple and beautiful.

  262. Truly enjoyed looking through these photos. The locations in these lends its self to making the photos pop. One of the best things about living in Atlanta is that there are so many different locations in a small area. Overall some great photography from another local Atlanta photographer!

  263. Tod

    Beautiful shots! What time in the morning was this, sunrise? Great job on this shoot.

  264. Sheila Kitzmann

    Shared! Great giveaway!

  265. Absolutely LOVE these!!! Cutest family ever!

  266. Lauren Jensen

    Alex, you are incredible!

  267. Beautiful pictures but that’s not surprising with two beautiful people. Meagan, your comments were wonderful, heart-felt and thrilling for a grandmother (now great-grandmother) to read. May God bless your marriage all the days of your life and Jaimie’s.

  268. so cool – thanks for the feature!

  269. It’s a true honor to see our work featured on Lemonade and Lenses. Thank you!

  270. Laura, these are gorgeous!! So very proud of you <3 I LOVE that you never want to forget about these moments with her little friends.

  271. What a wonderful post, and such enchanting photography. You really captured the curiosity and open imagination that young children embody so particularly. Photos like these make me want to find that in myself again–it’s such a beautiful (and fun!) part of being human.

  272. beautiful images!!! love them.

  273. I love this! So simple and beautiful. Great work!

  274. Monica

    What a beautiful session!! You did a great job and I know that family will treasure those sweet images!!

  275. Ali

    DREAMY!! xx

  276. Regina Koenig

    Alyssa is beyond amazing, I absolutely adore her work. Such a young, beautiful, and determined little lady! She is so much fun to work with and really made us feel comfortable, like we had been doing this for years ;D ! My fiance and I are very veryyyy happy with our engagement photos and we can not wait for her to capture our wedding<3.

  277. Zara

    I love the emotion in all of these photos.

  278. I have so excited to have my little family featured on your amazing blog!! Tara is simply a creative genius with such a beautiful soul!! She truly made all of our family portrait dreams come true!!

  279. So excited to see these on my favorite blog!! We are forever grateful we found Megan. She is remarkably talented, and captured our family perfectly. Can’t wait to cover our walls with these beauties!

  280. What a beautiful family and a beautiful location.

  281. Thank you so much for featuring the Yanz Family’s family session. We are so blessed we got a chance to photograph a fellow photographers family session. It as a true honor.

  282. cara

    Beautiful work!

  283. Liz

    lovely work! my favorite ones are the ones where she’s holding the veil!

  284. This is gorgeous! Love everything about these. :)

  285. Such an honor to be featured on your blog!

  286. WOW. Absolutely stunning!

  287. michelle shine

    Wonderful pictures

  288. Wow, so beautiful!! Alex

  289. I love it! Simple yet festive and the lighting is perfect. Can I ask what your lighting setup looks like? I’m in Chicago and the winters are dark and cold too! I haven’t yet made the investment in studio lights but hope to very soon.

  290. What a completely gorgeous session!

  291. These are absolutely beautiful. Such a clean B&W style, love it!

  292. meagan

    Oh I love all of these especially the last one — perfection!!

  293. Kate Appelman Is very talented! What beautiful work, thank you for sharing. I also enjoyed your blog as well.

  294. My goodness, thank you so much! I’m honored to be featured!!!!

  295. Such a lovely shoot!! Beautiful!

  296. Dodi!! So excited to see you featured in this publication! Congrats! And I totally love that plaid jacket ;)

  297. Christina Humphreys

    WOW! I clicked on to see some beautiful eye candy. I certainly didn’t expect to see my images among these lovely images. Thank you SO much! <3

  298. Marvellous session !!!

  299. amy

    AMAZING!! BEST ive ever ever seen you are by far the best.

  300. What beautiful portraits and a beautiful family. I love these!

  301. Amy

    Grinning ear to ear to see my work featured here! Thank you!

  302. these are breathtaking! i love how real and genuine they are. you can really feel the bond that they share. so special; so beautiful!

  303. I LOVE this session!! It’s such a perfect way to capture a family as is, in the middle of real life. The photos are gorgeous, just like the family!

  304. What a gorgeous family and beautiful photography!!

  305. Love the spontaneous shot of mom walking out the door and daughter on the glass. Lovely composition and artistic shots! Beautiful work!

  306. Beautiful!! I love the life in them! Such a sweet family session!

  307. SOOO good!! I love the shot of the little girl jumping on the bed and the one of her on the window sill. These are all amazing and what a lucky family to have such beautiful photos! :)

  308. beautiful session!! What a fun family!

  309. Wonderful work!!! It makes me look forward to spring so much! Love everyone of them, but the shoes on the bucket…EEEK!!!

  310. she is so good!!!! one of my favorite family photographers.. such creativity and love shown in this set.

  311. Your work is always beautiful and inspiring! Beautiful set!

  312. Nicole

    Beautifully captured! Lovely work, love the colors and femininity!

  313. ooh…that image of her reading next to the window is stunning! Love them all! Beautiful work!!

  314. Oh Alpana I love your work so much.. it never disappoints. There is always so much emotion and depth to your photographs. Of course my favorite is that shot of the little girl jumping up over the bed, but these are all equally lovely. And kudos to mom for kicking that cancer’s butt!! XO

  315. What a gorgeous session!! Knowing the story makes it that much more special <3 This family will forever cherish these beautiful images!!

  316. Beautiful maternity photos.

  317. Thank you so much for the feature!

  318. Beautiful pictures!!

  319. Thank you, Monica!

  320. Gorgeous!!! Love this set, just stunning!

  321. Betty Jo Smith Loved your Photos, so many great one, snow/horse/pretty girl. THANKS for shareing.

    Loved all the Photos, THANKS FOR SHAREING

  322. GORGEOUS! Love love love!

  323. VERY beautiful! love the use of airy light and the theme!

  324. These kind of images make me swoon! I love gorgeous subjects in a worn down setting!

  325. What a pretty dress.
    Beautiful light.

  326. These are absolutely gorgeous !

  327. Lisa McClung

    This is very beautiful. Love all these images, so natural and endearing. The scenery is just fantastic and the subject very professional and beautiful. Great job.

  328. These are so great – love the richness in the colors and creative perspective!

  329. I love these! What lens was used?

  330. Thomas

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    Thank you kind words, I really appreciate it. There were not any actions/presets used for this session. We were lucky enough to have a beautiful sunset that evening which created a bit of a lavender glow on the fields and the rocks by the ocean. It also helped that the rocky areas were quite white which seemed to bounce the light around :) I hope this helps..

    Warm regards,
    Kent Avenue Photography

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  663. Thank you both for your kind comments!

    Heather, that is a great question. I will do my best to answer. Actually, I just typed something out & it was so long I decided maybe this is a question I should answer on my blog! :)
    I will post my answer by Saturday morning, if that’s ok. I’m having trouble telling the story in just a few lines.

    <3 Ashley

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    Hugs and Kisses Aunt Angie!
    P. S. You made my day to call me Aunt Angie, it brought tears to my heart to know you thought that much of me to give me that title, not just Mrs. Angie. but Aunt Angie…Thanks with Lots of Love

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  738. Hi Lillian! Thank you! I used my trusty 50mm lens set at f1.8 – mostly around 1/1250 sec – ISO500

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  879. Hi!
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  881. @Lucy Steiner,

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    Thanks again,

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