Photoshoot Ideas For Men (For Outdoors And Indoors)

Finding the perfect photoshoot ideas can be a challenge when it comes to photography. For men, the options may seem limited, but with some creativity, there are countless possibilities.

Photoshoot Ideas For Men (For Outdoors And Indoors)

Whether you are looking for an outdoor or indoor shoot, there are many ways to capture striking images that showcase your personality and style.

In this article, we will explore the best photoshoot ideas for men (see also “Indoor Photoshoot Ideas To Keep You Inspired“), from classic to unconventional, and provide tips on how to bring these ideas to life. 

Whether you are an experienced model or just starting, these ideas will help you create memorable photos that will last a lifetime.

1. Urban Cityscape Shoot

Take advantage of the architecture and unique surroundings of a city for a sleek and modern shoot.

Choose a location that has a great view of the city skyline or interesting architecture. Look for rooftops, bridges, or buildings with unique designs that can serve as a backdrop for your photos.

Consider shooting during the golden hour, which is the hour before sunset or after sunrise. This time of day provides a warm, soft light that can add depth and dimension to your photos.

You can also choose an outfit that fits the urban cityscape theme. A leather jacket, fitted jeans, and boots can create a stylish, edgy look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures.

You might also want to experiment with different poses to showcase your style and confidence. Lean against a wall, look off into the distance, or cross your arms for a relaxed, casual look.

Casual looks are a great way to emphasize the urban nature of your shoot.

2. Nature Escape

Get in touch with nature by taking your photo shoot to a beautiful outdoor location such as a forest, beach, or park. Play with natural light and textures for a relaxed, earthy vibe.

It’s all about natural beauty with a nature-themed photoshoot, so pick a location that is surrounded by natural beauty such as a forest, beach, or mountain range.

Outfit-wise, go for something comfortable and stylish that fits the natural environment, such as earthy tones- like greens and browns- and lightweight fabrics that won’t weigh you down or cause discomfort.

Another handy tip for a nature photoshoot is to play with natural lighting to create different moods and effects. Use backlighting to create a beautiful silhouette, or use dappled light through trees to create a dreamy, whimsical effect.

3. Sports Theme

Show off your athletic side by incorporating your favorite sport into your photoshoot. Whether it’s basketball, soccer, or surfing, capture your passion and athleticism in action.

First off, decide on the sport you want to feature in your photoshoot. It could be basketball, football, soccer, or any other sport that you’re passionate about.

Next, pick a location that fits the sport you’re featuring. For example, if you’re doing a basketball shoot, choose a court. If you’re doing a football shoot, a spacious field is a good choice. 

Wear clothing that fits the sport and your personal style. You can wear a team jersey or a shirt in the color of your favorite team. Make sure your clothing is comfortable and allows for easy movement.

You can also add accessories that fit the sport you’re featuring. For example, wear a basketball or football in your photos. You can also wear wristbands or headbands that match your clothing.

Lighting can make a big difference in a sporting photo shoot as well, with different techniques creating different moods and effects. For example, you can use a spotlight to highlight a specific action or pose.

When it comes to poses, you can mix and match with different ones to capture the action and intensity of the sport. You can shoot action shots of yourself playing the sport, or you can pose with the equipment or ball.

Remember to have fun and be confident during your sports-themed photoshoot! With the right location, outfit, poses, lighting, and editing, you can create stunning photos that showcase your passion for sports and your personal style.

4. Black And White

For a timeless, classic look, consider shooting in black and white. Play with contrast and lighting to create a moody, artistic vibe. 

It can be tricky to find the right location for a black-and-white photo shoot but try and look for places with interesting textures, lines, and shapes that will stand out in black and white.

Timeless outfits are a good choice to fit the dramatic moodiness of your monochromatic photoshoot. Some interesting ideas include a suit, a leather jacket, or a black turtleneck.

Avoid busy patterns or bright colors that may distract from the black-and-white effect.

Lighting is also an important factor when it comes to black-and-white photoshoots, as it can be used to create dramatic effects and enhance the contrast in your black-and-white photos.

For example, use strong side lighting to create sharp shadows or use soft, diffused light for a more dreamy, romantic look.

Poses can change up the feel of a black-and-white photo pretty easily, so try experimenting with different poses to capture different moods and emotions.

Use strong and powerful poses to create a sense of strength and confidence, or use softer and more relaxed poses to create a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

5. Vintage Vibes

Channel your inner 1920s gangster or 70s hippie with a vintage-themed photoshoot! Dress up in retro outfits and pose in front of old cars or buildings for a nostalgic feel.

As well as being creative, vintage photoshoots can also be tons of fun! To get the most out of your retro photo shoot, look for a location with vintage architecture, old buildings, or rustic settings as these will add a sense of nostalgia to your images.

Your outfit is also an important element of a vintage photoshoot, so research the era that you are going for and opt for clothes that suit it best.

For example, you can wear a fedora hat, suspenders, or a vintage leather jacket for a 1920s-inspired look. You can also go for a 1950s-inspired look with a leather jacket, rolled-up jeans, and a white t-shirt.

Props are a great way to emphasize a retro theme in a photo shoot, too. Some examples include using an old camera, a vintage car, or a record player to add a sense of nostalgia to your images.

6. Musician Shoot 

If you’re a musician, showcase your talent by incorporating your instruments or equipment into the shoot. Experiment with lighting and angles to capture the essence of your music.

In terms of location, it will all depend on the musical genre that you are going for with your photos. For example, if you’re a jazz musician, consider shooting in a dimly lit jazz club, or if you’re a rock musician, consider shooting in a grungy warehouse or alleyway.

Your outfit will also be decided by the music genre that you choose, such as a leather jacket or ripped jeans for a rock-inspired look, or a suit for a jazz-inspired look.

Instruments are an important part of a music-inspired photoshoot, just make sure that you are careful not to damage them! Use them as props in your photoshoot to showcase your musical talents.

For example, you can pose with a guitar, piano, saxophone, or microphone to add a sense of drama and interest to your images.

7. Studio Shoot

For a clean and professional look, opt for a studio shoot. Experiment with different backgrounds and lighting setups to create a variety of looks.

You don’t need to worry about picking a location with a studio shoot, but you will need to choose your background. Pick one that fits the theme and style you’re going for.

You can use a solid color background or a patterned background to add interest to your images.

Clothing, props, and poses are also the same as they will vary depending on your personal choice of styles and themes. 

No matter what theme you choose for your studio photo shoot, you are guaranteed to get the smoothest shots thanks to the help of professional photographers!

8. Adventure Themes

If you love to travel and explore, consider an adventure-themed shoot. Capture your adventurous spirit by posing on a mountaintop, by a waterfall, or in a desert landscape.

Outfit-wise, you will want something that suits your chosen adventure theme or location, such as hiking boots, cargo pants, and a backpack if you are shooting in a forest to create a rugged and outdoorsy look.

Props can be a really fun element of adventure-themed photoshoots! If you are going all out with the theme, go for movie-level props such as maps, compasses, or a camping tent to emphasize that sense of adventure. 

Action shots are another fun part of these kinds of photoshoots, as they are a great way to showcase your love for adventure. For example, you can pose while hiking, rock climbing, surfing, or kayaking to add a sense of excitement and energy to your images.

9. Formal Wear

Dress up in a classic suit or tuxedo for a sophisticated and timeless shoot. Experiment with different poses and backgrounds to create a variety of elegant looks.

Locations can make all the difference with formal photo shoots so if you can, hire out certain areas such as a ballroom, a fancy hotel lobby, a museum, or any other elegant and sophisticated setting to create a glamorous and upscale look.

Once your location has been decided on, start thinking about your background. Use a simple and elegant background that doesn’t distract from your formal wear.

You can use a solid color background or a patterned background that complements your outfit.

Your outfit is, as is to be expected, an important part of a formal photoshoot. For men, this typically means a suit or tuxedo (though any kind of fancy outfit will suffice!).

Choose a suit or tuxedo that fits well and flatters your body type, and accessorize with a tie or bowtie, cufflinks, and dress shoes.

When it comes to lighting, try and aim for a sophisticated and glamorous look. You can use soft and diffused lighting to create a romantic and dreamy look, or strong and directional lighting to create a bold and dramatic look.

10. Minimalist

For a simple yet striking look, opt for a minimalist photoshoot. Wear neutral colors and shoot against a clean, minimalistic backdrop for a sleek and modern vibe.

Location-wise, this is also a factor that you will want to keep clean and simple, such as a white wall, a blank canvas, or an empty space. This will help create a minimalist atmosphere and focus the attention on you.

You will also want to use a simple background that is not too distracting. A plain white or black background works well for minimalist photoshoots.

Wear a simple outfit that is monochromatic or has minimal patterns. This could be a plain white shirt or a black turtleneck with a pair of jeans or slacks. The goal is to keep your clothing simple and understated.

Lighting-wise, opt for lights that aren’t too bright or harsh. Natural lighting is great for creating a soft and natural look, but you can also use a simple lighting setup with a single light source.

11. Artistic Shots

Take your photoshoot to the next level with artistic shots that capture your personality and creativity. Play with lighting, angles, and props to create unique, eye-catching images.

When it comes to locations, choose one that inspires you and fits the theme of your artistic vision. This could be a studio, a city street, a park, or any other location that sparks your creativity.

Choose clothes that reflect your artistic vision and personality. This could be anything from a bold and colorful outfit to a more subdued and minimalist look. The key is to choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and expresses your artistic side.

Use a background that complements your artistic vision. This could be a colorful mural, a textured wall, or a natural landscape. The key is to choose a background that enhances the visual impact of your artistic shots.

With your lighting, experiment with different kinds that will create the kind of dramatic moods that you want from your artistic shots. This can be natural light, artificial light, or colored light, all of which can create a unique and visually stunning effect.

12. Family Shoot

If you’re a family man, consider doing a family photoshoot with your loved ones. Capture the joy and love between you and your family members in a relaxed, natural setting such as a park or beach.

Pick a location that is meaningful to your family or reflects your family’s personality. This could be a park, beach, or even your own backyard. The key is to choose a location that is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Coordinate your family’s outfits to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to wear the same thing, but rather that the colors and styles complement each other.

You can also add accessories or matching shoes to tie the look together.

Plan some group poses, as well as individual poses, to capture each family member’s personality. You can try traditional poses, such as sitting or standing together, or get creative with more dynamic poses, such as jumping or running.

You can also incorporate some props into your photos to add visual interest and personality. Don’t forget to include the pets if you have them too, as they are just as much a part of the family!

Try and capture some candid shots of your family just being themselves, as these are likely to become the most memorable and cherished photos.

Final Thoughts 

A great photoshoot can help men showcase their personality, style, and creativity through visually stunning images. From classic and sophisticated formal wear to the edgy and rebellious grunge style, there’s something for every personality and preference. 

The key to a successful photoshoot is preparation and planning. Be sure to communicate your vision with your photographer, and think about the location, outfit, accessories, poses, and lighting.

With the right preparation and approach, you can create a set of images that truly captures your unique style and personality.

In the end, remember to have fun and enjoy the process. A great photoshoot can be a fun and creative experience and the images that result can be cherished for years to come.

So, go out there and capture some stunning photos that truly showcase the best of who you are!

Laura McNeill
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