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Photography & Design By Lauren

Lauren Morris
Photography & Design By Lauren
Louisville, KY

I absolutely loved this senior session with Charlie (how great a name is that for a girl? Love it!). I love when seniors bring along lots of outfits and have me help them choose what to wear for each location we visit. For Charlie’s session we started out in a more urban location to compliment her casual and more high fashion outfits. Then we headed to a favorite creek and field of mine to finish up. The field pictures are my absolute favorite from this set! I felt they suited her very natural look to a T.

I am an outdoor and natural light based photographer and I  specialize in seniors, engagements, weddings, and models. I think I would describe my style as creamy-dreamy (I’m trademarking that!) and I always strive to tell a story with my images. I want to capture the essence of what makes a person them or two people a couple. “For every shot a story!”

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